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NYRA and CDI vs. Beta Bob   General Discussions

Started 9/10/21 by SameSteve G; 19823 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I think you're exactly right.

Where is the line between the important right of due process and weaponizing the system to avoid consequences?


From: Wintertrian


TexSquared said...

If he can beat this through the courts that sends a bad message to all the cheaters that they should carry on. 

This merely confirms that U.S. racing is incapable of timely decision-making, and can barely even stick with their own regulatory decisions and protocols anymore.

Dancer's Image was DQed in 3 days.  A yes/no on Medina Spirt's DQ and Baffert's licensing/trainig privileges at other tracks should be 2 separate issues, and the former should have already been decided, based on 2 positives.  

What we should all be more worried about is that Medina Spirit makes it to retirement "in one peice."     Based on what I've seen from Baffert, that's even more of a gamble than what will happen to this horse's KY Derby win, IMHO.   He's a neat horse and deserves the best of everything for his efforts. 



From: TexSquared


Medina Spirit's owner probably wants to win the Classic then if not retire right away, go for the Saudi Cup and/or Dubai, especially since there hasn't been any announcement on breeding rights.  

Wasn't Dancer's Image's DQ dragged through the courts for 4 years before his owners had exhausted all possible chances to overturn it?   I hope this doesn't drag on that long.   

I agree with you that the two issues are separate.  The horse should have been DQ'ed first and purse money redistributed long before penalizing Baffert with suspensions/fines/etc.   Let's consider careless riding - the horse is DQ'ed on race day, but the stewards hand down penalties to the jockey days later after a proper hearing.   They don't suspend the jockey and then take their sweet time with deciding the race result.


From: Wintertrian


TexSquared said...

Wasn't Dancer's Image's DQ dragged through the courts for 4 years before his owners had exhausted all possible chances to overturn it? 

AFTER he was DQed

That was my whole the whole point.   The decision was made w/in 3 days.   Then they litigated afterwards for 3-4 years.  


From: TexSquared


Churchill Downs and the Kentucky authorities totally botched this.  It's not like they didn't have precedent...


From: Wintertrian


TexSquared said...

Churchill Downs and the Kentucky authorities totally botched this.  It's not like they didn't have precedent.


You know I am almost thinking that racing wants to be "entertainment" so badly now that they actually enjoy all this gossippy intrigue.  You know, Baffert spinning his fairy tales, has all the makings of CSI crossed w/People Magazine....never a dull moment in horse racing!

....and Baffert walking around mumbling "why me, why me, why me" while other HOY trainers snicker in the background as he walks by because nobody has THIS many *accidental drug positives" that occur under the most exotic circumstances........and 20 horses are entered every year in the Derby alone, not to mention all his other bizarre barn/medication events (dead horses, lame horses, drug positives, etc.) for which it's never his fault.   

I was watching old episodes of A&E television series *Hoarders* and his denial just reminds me so much of their behavior/pathology.   No accountability there at all.   I honestly think he's a mental disorder. Even poor barn management can't create this much's like he's in a world of his own and now we are finding out just how much?  Add extreme smugness to the pathology...

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BB  BC warning

3 in Juv race on Friday Barossa Pinehurst Corniche 

looks like some still giving him good 2yo (Sf Racing Llc Starlight Racing Madaket S & Speedway Racing)


R4 Gamine

R6 Eight Rings

R10 Private Mission, As Time Goes By

R12 Medina Spirit

Not sure if or how I may play the 2 days.  I have like playing horses with TCL in ped, not sure with BB being the trainer, odds prob won't warrant it.  Looks like there is a P3 unaffected R7-8-9 by BB


From: TexSquared


Figures Kentucky rules left themselves wide open to this kind of technicality...

They should have prohibited betamethasone, and not include the word "acetate".    Who's to say the next trainer or vet picks another illegal drug, picks a different compound to mix it with, and uses that to make the illegal, legal?

In reply toRe: msg 38

From: DogsUp


My dialog in Kentucky Derby 2021 noted this ruling outcome.

And I am sure. the relief of every current trainer and owner of a race horse that they would not have to wake at 5 AM to head to their stable and start their full day worrying and wondering if an unintentional not internally administered drug (in the greatest of races no less) ...even the likes of Shug, Chad, Todd would know what their in for as a career debilitating action against them. I believe they are relieved of the potential ruling. 

My fine print mentioned Churchill shoots from the hip.

And even when they installed video racing working with state it wrong.

All along The Downs just wanted to avoid getting negative pressure and drug taint on their skirt.

Their usual legal malaise is that they control and make the rules for the Derby, which are at other for profit venues; and couple with the Commonwealth Racing rules and then operate a capella. 

I'm not so sure that even a reversal will give Churchill some relief. Save; they 'gotta end up paying Baffert injuries and expenses.

Never mess with another man's dinner with impunity.

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