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NYRA and CDI vs. Beta Bob   General Discussions

Started 9/10/21 by SameSteve G; 19170 views.
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BB  BC warning

3 in Juv race on Friday Barossa Pinehurst Corniche 

looks like some still giving him good 2yo (Sf Racing Llc Starlight Racing Madaket S & Speedway Racing)


R4 Gamine

R6 Eight Rings

R10 Private Mission, As Time Goes By

R12 Medina Spirit

Not sure if or how I may play the 2 days.  I have like playing horses with TCL in ped, not sure with BB being the trainer, odds prob won't warrant it.  Looks like there is a P3 unaffected R7-8-9 by BB


From: TexSquared


Figures Kentucky rules left themselves wide open to this kind of technicality...

They should have prohibited betamethasone, and not include the word "acetate".    Who's to say the next trainer or vet picks another illegal drug, picks a different compound to mix it with, and uses that to make the illegal, legal?

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From: DogsUp


My dialog in Kentucky Derby 2021 noted this ruling outcome.

And I am sure. the relief of every current trainer and owner of a race horse that they would not have to wake at 5 AM to head to their stable and start their full day worrying and wondering if an unintentional not internally administered drug (in the greatest of races no less) ...even the likes of Shug, Chad, Todd would know what their in for as a career debilitating action against them. I believe they are relieved of the potential ruling. 

My fine print mentioned Churchill shoots from the hip.

And even when they installed video racing working with state it wrong.

All along The Downs just wanted to avoid getting negative pressure and drug taint on their skirt.

Their usual legal malaise is that they control and make the rules for the Derby, which are at other for profit venues; and couple with the Commonwealth Racing rules and then operate a capella. 

I'm not so sure that even a reversal will give Churchill some relief. Save; they 'gotta end up paying Baffert injuries and expenses.

Never mess with another man's dinner with impunity.

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From: DogsUpWired



I've noted in my Baffert dialogs that Churchill shoots from the hip and often ends up paying restitution.

Bob is going after them for his rights and dinner.

Many ask why owners stick with Baffert: (not specifically a quote to the event)

Friends help friends move furniture.

Real friends help friends move bodies. 


From: princeofdoc


Yes, but SF Racing and Starlight are really taking this to the limit.....their promising colt, Newgrange, still with Baffert, shipping to Oaklawn for the Southwest, a points race for the Derby.  They invest so much money into their horses, and it seems to be such a gamble to stay with BB, especially with the Derby on the line.  Either they know something that we don't (that Baffert is sure to be exonerated before the 50 pt. races begin, or their friendship is far more entangled than we imagine.

It's a complete mystery to me


From: DogsUpWired


Elsewhere here I noted state court ruled Baff (and AttorneyS) must first meet with NYRA. Which has begun. Monday.

Google Baffert News.

Owners can "switch trainers in mid stream."  

Dogs' take is that in life (and these dudes have plenty) relationships surpass the gold and stuff.

My friendships are enviable. So I take it that Baffert has Made very strong connections. But that 'be friendships.

And how it's done is one is there for the other.. No matter what.

Baffert didn't even want to go to the Travers with American Pharoah.. Rarely does NYRA circuit. So other than Belmont Stakes with the potential of culminating another TCer; and some select Saratoga 2 yr old races and fits in Spa biggies; he won't be dining at the track burger tent.

I think the biggie trainers are checking the waste baskets and feed tubs and AM shower hoses to double check that nothing like this will befall them.

There are actually trainers who have held a Vet degree.

As I said: It's not over til the overnurished lady sings 

Monmouth Park with now Casino, sports betting will attract Baff stable as trainer of record, and purses to subjugate Spa races. 

I got to lookup subjugate..LOL 

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From: TexSquared


Kick the can down the road again... keep putting it off hoping it magically goes away?

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Unless they delay again, it's on for 2/14.

The fundamental problem I have with this circus is that the kind of "justice" Beta Bob will receive is not the same "justice" a nearly anonymous trainer would receive who could not distort the process with money and entitlement.

Of course, we know the racing world is a microcosm of the society and culture at large so there is no surprise in this.   However this turns out, the sport suffers.


From: TexSquared


I fully expect another delay on Monday... or I'll modify that to, this still won't be settled on Monday.  Let them prove me wrong.