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NYRA and CDI vs. Beta Bob   General Discussions

Started 9/10/21 by SameSteve G; 20503 views.

From: smartyslew


I don't know, if they did  !

Do they have a ceremony for the colors of the winner painted like they do right after the race. !




That sounds more like Preakness and Travers.  I don't think CD does that.  They put the current years winner posted in the paddock,, which is all I know.

Found my answer

Medina Spirit Kentucky Derby sign removed in Churchill Downs paddock, Replaced with Mandaloun - YouTube

  • Edited February 22, 2022 3:04 pm  by  PISTOL9

From: DogsUpWired


Derb win people are invited back for engraved trophies and recognition following year. 

Yes they did put up a KD win Medina Spirit sign and are replacing it right now 


From: smartyslew


I never did know. It took DRF about 5 seconds to change their page.

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From: Wintertrian


The whole thing is terribly sad to me. 

Because now Medina Spirit's plaque will be gone.... and he is gone as well. 

Erased.  In every way.  Thanks Bob. 


From: TexSquared


How long will this thread keep going?

I think the over-under is.... 2024?  Between Baffert appealing the suspension and Zedan (and Baffert) appealing the disqualification, both cases being tied up in the courts....

Remember when Maximum Security was disqualified I said this is crazy, it's the race that the stewards "put away the whistle", first nose at the line wins, period...  You can't tell me that from 1969 to 2021 every horse except Medina Spirit ran clean.  Just like you can't tell me that every Derby running from 1875 to 2019 had no interference, bumping, checking, bearing in/out, etc... until Max did it.  Come on.  20 horses on a 1 mile track with hairpin turns, that stuff's gonna happen.  it's making me wonder if the stewards really did "put away the whistle" for racing incidents BUT ALSO covered up any drug positives all those years, just to avoid all this.  

Four years in the courts for Dancer's Image set a bad precedent which made it the unwritten rule to never DQ in the Derby.  An unwritten rule that was broken when Max was DQ'ed, and again here... 

Trainer suspension shouldn't take too long in the courts, relatively speaking. But the Derby DQ...


From: smartyslew


All good points Tex. Mostly all true ,Beyond 2024 at this rate.

One of the biggest one's that irritates me is not calling interference coming out of the gate.

Like you noted I've seen in the Derby of things worse not getting called, I'm biased it cost me the superfecta

in Max Sec race.. Us cappers get on the pity pot poor me poor me many times because a big percentage think the Stewards

are biased with all of the non calls for years, then the Max Sec race, on the camera you could make a case for others being the culprit.

That is at the moment not drug related.


From: DogsUpWired


Spot On...!!

By time this is settled; the horse is now dead, the trainer and owner will be dead.

We'll All be Dead..

I'll take the Over and place the ticket in my Trust Fund. And assume the bets either way are put into annuities so the payout earns and profits from inflation.

:) I always wondered if this was a smile for light humor or mud caulks.


From: TexSquared


smartyslew said:

the Max Sec race, on the camera you could make a case for others being the culprit. That is at the moment not drug related.

You know what would be hilarious.... if the stewards decide to overturn the interference DQ, but then DQ him on the drugs so the result (and purse distribution) is unchanged....

He may have tested negative on race day but if the trainer is found guilty by the courts then what we have is the Medina Spirit case in reverse.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I do remember what you said, Tex.  I guess we know now why Servis didn't agitate against the ruling as furiously as Beta Bob is with what we have subsequently learned about him.

These delays and attorney tactics go back to my point that Beta can afford a different type of justice than the Unknown Trainer - that is rather like saying there is no justice at all.  

I also saw somewhere that the group of horseplayers re-upped their lawsuit which to me hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of setting a new precedent for bettors.  "You guys lost, go home," said the judge.