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NYRA and CDI vs. Beta Bob   General Discussions

Started 9/10/21 by SameSteve G; 20502 views.

From: TexSquared


smartyslew said:

the Max Sec race, on the camera you could make a case for others being the culprit. That is at the moment not drug related.

You know what would be hilarious.... if the stewards decide to overturn the interference DQ, but then DQ him on the drugs so the result (and purse distribution) is unchanged....

He may have tested negative on race day but if the trainer is found guilty by the courts then what we have is the Medina Spirit case in reverse.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I do remember what you said, Tex.  I guess we know now why Servis didn't agitate against the ruling as furiously as Beta Bob is with what we have subsequently learned about him.

These delays and attorney tactics go back to my point that Beta can afford a different type of justice than the Unknown Trainer - that is rather like saying there is no justice at all.  

I also saw somewhere that the group of horseplayers re-upped their lawsuit which to me hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of setting a new precedent for bettors.  "You guys lost, go home," said the judge.


From: TexSquared


SameSteve G said:

I also saw somewhere that the group of horseplayers re-upped their lawsuit which to me hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of setting a new precedent for bettors.  "You guys lost, go home," said the judge.

I'd like to see sports bettors try to sue the NFL, NBA, etc. when bad calls by the referees caused them to lose their bets....  Same thing, judge would laugh them out too.  It's gambling.  Shit happens.  Sports events don't always play out to "form" for any number of reasons (including bad calls) and it's that uncertainty you're betting for/against.  

As for Jason Servis, he got arrested and is looking at serving time... not just suspended from racing but suspended from freedom.    So far Baffert hasn't been found to be involved in such conspiracies... 


From: DogsUpWired



Although Baff entries Won sans KDy points; they still took home 1st $.

The Preakness is always just a couple of horses who game shoot for TC. See: By adverse possession.

Then they fill with about 4 per year with local stable talent. Bob's baby winners will be more than welcome.

Runs the table and no pointisomos concerns.

And the Belmont turns into a race that could have be run for $400k.

I still bark a melody played on a penny arcade that Santa Anita, Pimlico and Monmouth will take some leverage should the connections not bend over.

In essence they are being dictated to by one track; one event.

Entrepreneurs don't stand in line. They don't take turns. They think for themselves. We do share. They don't rent.. horses. Buy them and take risks.

They won't forget that without their risk and providing the products; suits at Two Spirals can operate Merry go Rounds at the Mall.

None injuries them with impunity.

Don't mess with a man's dinner.

KDy peeps did what they had to do.

Yet, publicity wise to keep the diminimus drug violation from soiling their skirts; the actions and publicity will catch up during Kdy week .

A case now of happens all the time??

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


KHRC denies stay.  Now going to court on 3/17.   Link to article for anyone interested in this continuing saga of Beta Bob And The Regulators.


From: Wintertrian


I would need to use an emoticon to respond to anything with the word "Baffert" in it at this point.  He's such a bad sport.   This is what narcissists do though.  Instead of taking his medicine (which puts him  out of the limelight that he is so used to having) he will manufacturer ways to stay "in the news" ad nauseum.     Not even sure anyone can fix a narcissist though.  Its one of those truly tough-nut-to-crack  disordered personalities ---   that means to expect the saga to continue Ad Infinitum.   Even after the very last lemon is juiced.   That doesn't mean he is a "bad person".   I want to make that clear.  But he is hurting the sport, and has hurt the sport, and he needs to stop already. 

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Wintertrian said:

Not even sure anyone can fix a narcissist though.  Its one of those truly tough-nut-to-crack  disordered personalities --- 

Solitary confinement? 


From: princeofdoc


Very interesting article, quite informative.....even as far as who voted/abstained.  Also noteworthy were the comments....literally 100% of them against Baffert, saying he was deserving of penalty.  There was one different perspective, however, from someone who believes Baffert has an internal enemy?  Something about how impossible it would be to oversee 88 horses daily to ensure that everyone who has access does not administer something.  That may be true, but I would think that of any that are possibly/certainly Derby bound there would be extra security.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


The internal enemy might be Baffert's alter ego - Beta Bob.  [wink]

It reminds me of one of his excuses years ago for a morphine positive - that someone on his payroll had eaten poppy seed bagels or that the straw was tainted because poppies are grown nearby the hayfields.

I do not think Baffert is stupid enough to use any kind of an opiod on his horses in training.  That's not the point.  The point is that Baffert always has an excuse.  I find that more remarkable than all the horses that have come up positive over the years.  He's a snowflake.


From: princeofdoc


Paulick made an interesting point recently.....that should the ban go into effect in the next few days, Beta can use a loophole that would allow his entire barn, employees and horses both, be taken over by a retired trainer, for example, and continue to compete, even in the points races.  Not sure if he is exploring this or not.  It seems unlikely the ban will take effect; the courts will most likely allow a defense to develop to contest it, allowing for more time.  This of course will not alter the private company that controls CD from continuing their ban on Beta from acquiring points and competing in Derby.

Corniche is not in training, so it looks like his only possible Derby colt is Messier....he'll probably go in the SA Derby if ban is not upheld, and compete in an interesting contest vs. Forbidden Kingdom.  I'm guessing Pinehurst will go in the UAE Derby, and my other guess is that he'll send Black Adder to Turfway to run in the Jeff Ruby.  Doppelganger will probably also go in a short field in the SA Derby.  Taiba will be ready for the Preakness at earliest.

I love imagining the possible scenarios!  If the ban is upheld (crossing fingers), I do think Paulick's guess is quite possible; he has too many good colts ready to go, Derby aside....but it would also allow for points, even for Pinehurst.  In a wide-open Derby year, so much can happen!