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GATEgate   General Discussions

Started 11/10/21 by DogsUp; 446 views.

From: DogsUp


Looking forward to see if some bettors with horizontal tickets that would be winners will litigate. 

That is, assistant starter knowing that he released the horse for safety. And reporting such to the starter. 

Then the starter would notify the vet that the horse did not break through the gate.

Then the vet scoped the horse as fit to run. But, for purse only in that vet thought horse broke through gate.

They have a duty to protect the horizontal pools. In this case they sent Off a horse that was released for safety reasons but the communication mechanics to allow the horse to reload as a pari-mutuel starter was not initiated.. Other flat tickets refunded also did not receive pool protection as to gate rules to navigate the runner back into the starting gate as being released for safety.

This historic occurrence proposition will keep horizontal bettors on the shy in ticket construction.

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From: pianot


Not to worry BB has the deflection recipe and others learn. This will go nowhere IMHO.