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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 44520 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


Morello named after guitar player: not drummer, Joe, of Take Five Dave Brubeck fame.

Taking a guess connections will seek a buy in sponsor to experience the pre- Derby wine and cheese and experience of having a gater in the Big Rose Run.

Horses do not attack their fears. They run. Fight vs Flight. 

Morello memory of hitting his head on metal gate in Wood  and bleeding late; coupled with non elite jockey (give up 2/3 seconds skill set) doubtful a top 3er.

By now connections connections perhaps would have announced not ready for  a bet-ie.

Morello was my drumming idol from my teens. He might be a "stick in on name basis.  As one of maybe 5 lifetime. My last stick in was after the son of a dear women friend Eben Carle; who I helped raise as a child. Won Saturday @ Keenland.

That voo doo handicapping said: So even though, Joe may just run slow after fear remembering not to hit his head again from the gate; and the respiratory experience of FT bleeding; hard not to think Joe Morello 


From: pianot


See afew interesting so far, Epi,Mo, Early. Will see how it plays out.

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From: ChiefsCrown


Mattress Mac just laid down $3mil on Smile Happy for the win in the big one!

Odds just dropped a ton on him. Might be the betting fave on that account!


From: twoshots


I guess he has to lose more than he did last year.


From: TexSquared


With which bookmaker? Looks like (as of now) William Hill and Victor Chandler (among others) have him at 12-1 while the other bookies are longer.

If he wanted the best odds he needed to spread out the $3 million among several books at 20-1 or better and place all the bets simultaneously. 


From: DogsUpWired



Zandon is right where I want him in the betting @ least 3rd betting..It's a jockey's race alphabetically 


PRAT (3 deep hope 4th or more)



One could ponder that if they all shook the pills and switched horses; the skill set rides would be as significant to each of their mounts (d)


From: DogsUpWired


This guy ought to Sleep On It before he makes his bets 

We talked about his sports and his perplexing  pony parimutual plays. 

And his losing $9 mil on Super Bowl Bengals where he would have won if taking the 4 points. He proly tossed and turned in bed that night. 

Whale (and heavy $ computer) bet boobs get a 5 - 10% rebate. 

Gimmick; the house is discounting their vig/ take out.

Yeah..Dogo wants all the money available in the pool; meal, mortgage or mattress money. (No disrespect to problem gamblers)

The whales do in some instances lower the odds: yet in this instance their is a 5% overall chance the bet is the same as one betting the same horse for example. Yet there are 19 others/and one Winner overall who in scenario benefit. And his Win $ ticket on beyond  odds of say the 1st four final Off odds runner at even $3 mi, doesn't capsize the pool.

Beyond the beyond: Everybody has a winning ticket...Until the horses come out of the gate.

(d) Enjoy the trip life's and racing.


From: ChiefsCrown


The article didn't mention which bookmaker he made the bet with. It did say he's building on the Kansas Jayhawks $14 mil win bet earlier this month.

He lost $2.3 mil on Essential Quality last years derby bet and $15 mil on College Football Championship and Super Bowl bets.

Must be nice to throw a couple million dineros away like that!!!


From: DogsUpWired


Caesars Sportsbook and Barstool Sportsbook

He did win $12.2 mil on Kansas Jayhawks sweeping NCAA basketball as a furniture store promo. Bet $5.5 

Yet how much does he have to lose to get even. Doubled down on $9.5 mil Super Bowl loss.

I think a real big winner has to be his external business CPA tax peeps. 

Or it would be who do you like in the 5th Amendment