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KY Derby Futures   Triple Crown

Started 1/21/22 by Wintertrian; 7011 views.

From: DogsUpWired


Quite civilized.

BTW Baff takes his "meet-in on Monday with NYRA. To date State court says we're out of it and Baff has to appear.

He then may have option to go Fed court

I'm tired and this is as far as my bike will go on Baff. Save, lastly;  his odds of success are quite long. 

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From: smartyslew


2022 Future POOL 2 exacta Probables


From: smartyslew


Future 2 Payoff if it hits, $2 Exacta
#8 Giant game with 12 Make it big pays  $ 3708.80
#12 Make it big with 8 Giant game Pays  $ 4739.20
Good luck
Giant Game has 3 bullet works In January at GP small fields tho
bris gave him a 99 in his last race behind Corniche and Pappacap
  • Edited January 23, 2022 11:02 pm  by  smartyslew



I looked over them briefly, Smile Happy was the only one I was considering.  Was 6-1 when I looked, so not great and not enough to bet this far out.   I was going to do exacta with him but forgot.   I bet Rattl n Roll, in Nov, but did not see any works on him on sheet so passed this time.  Of course these days he could just come out for a 100-150 race and go right to KD with 1/2 races.

Looks like final odds went back up to 8-1, exacta 70 with field, no loss, better to wait to see if he qualifies and gets in.   Smile Happys dam is a throw back with all those lines in the dam and tailing to Funny Cides line in the five gen ped.  RFed to a couple solid full brothers


From: Plus2lbs


Me thinks the price is right...



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From: smartyslew



Or try a $2  #22 White Abarrio (Tapit/Into Mischief) / # 9 High Oak *( API/ Mr P) pays  $15,165.40

stuck_out_tongue_winking_eyefor a higher price Car.   * Sire lines

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From: princeofdoc


I really can't understand why any serious futures bettor would bet in these pools; the prices are so bad!  Smile Happy at 8-1?!?  He's been bet down to 16-1 at WH and Circa, which is still too low (and he's my favorite colt right now), and that's double Pool #2.

There may be some value in the "all others", especially since that category has the unusual attribute of including all the Baffert colts.  An interesting proposition, as I do like Corniche, New Grange, Doppelganger, and Wharton, at least thus far


From: smartyslew


One angle in January is to bet a horse that doesn't make the  field of 24 futures 

at the sights you referenced , 5 to 8 out of this pool is a guesstimate to make the field

Pool 2 has been reported hitting the most exactas in the Derby, one might take a shot

at that here. 9 entrants boxed costs $ 72 @ $1  that's cheaper then  what many lay down

on one horse in Vegas or Europe. $144 for $2 box or box more than 9.

or wheel one you like with all for $ 2 costs $46 bucks. lots of strategy's. $5 Wheel costs $ 115.


From: princeofdoc


I do agree.....there could be some definite value in some exacta betting, certainly, as you have noted.

As regards the prices at Circa and WH, I have found the route to add new horses, so there is actually no instance of a horse not being available.

If you see a true UTR horse, do post and I'll try to get a price up :)