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Time to go Zero Tolerance   General Discussions

Started 3/29/22 by Wintertrian; 2408 views.

From: Wintertrian


twoshots said...

Thus I think having them in a dehydrated state going into a big effort of a race could be quite harmful.

Big Brown.  Belmont.  Hottest day of the year in history.  (do you guys rememmber the heat?)  He was deprived of all his meds as well as his electrolytes.   He was kicking down the walls of his shed that day, which we didn't know about until after the race. 

I think we should send human marathoners out under the same situation then question why they're not "champions".  And also make them run on half of a foot in the bargain. 

I can't apologize enough to Big Brown.  I'm sorry he had to go thru all that, cuz he was and is a true champion.