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April 1st Derby Top 20   Triple Crown

Started Apr-1 by princeofdoc; 1664 views.

From: Wintertrian


All I saw was a truly beautiful specimen of a thoroughbred.  

I am not savvy enough to gain much from workouts.  The only time I can is when it's real OBVIOUS that a horse in't getting over the CDX track well. 

One of the reasons I don't put a lot on works is because, at this level, and at this time in their careers, you kinda EXPECT them to run pretty well.   Or should, anyway.   Unless they are utter imposters. 


From: ShaddyisBack


Gonna have to include him as he bad trip in FD I have to excuse. Still needs more, but on tickets..

with Messier, Epicenter, Cyberknife, Crown Prince, and one more, maybe causeway, or Taiba,,,

That is a big tri ticket.

Mostly like Messier and will box him all exacta (many times) like last years win money. 


From: Wintertrian


ShaddyisBack said...

Gonna have to include him as he bad trip in FD I have to excuse.

yeah that was a REAL BAD trip. 

I think people are so busy looking at "figures" and they don't much get into all the backstories.  Like horses hitting gate and bleeding all over the track, or like Barber Road in the Arkie derby losing a shoe and also getting bumped  in the stretch and running on anyway. 


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