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Triple Crown 2022 Draft   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 4/15/22 by; 18252 views.
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From: Northof64


Sorry cubs message was meant for all

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North takes the lead with Early Voting's Preakness win, sitting in the driver's seat with Charge It likely in the Belmont and most other draft picks doubtful for the Belmont.

Standings after the Derby and Preakness:

North - 10

Cubs - 9

Dogs - 2

Chiefs - 1

princeofdoc - 0

Oldbettowin - 0

Pianot - 0


From: DogsUpWired


As Yogi Berra said, but now in the socially acceptable verbiage, "It ain't over til the full figured lady sings."

DogsUp still holds a ticket with known Belmont Stakes highly probable entry Mo Donegal. And king/leading of the NY circuit jockey, Irad Ortiz Jr. Wins and any others run out in contest. Don't count the Dogs out. Just need a total of 12 Milk Bones.

PROBABLE likely 

1. Trainer Steve Assmusen  skips Belmont with Epicenter to freshen for Haskell...a win and in for Breeders Cup. And goes after mid Summer Derby.The Travers at the Spa. Why dilute a tired, over raced colt. About Switching riders, Rosario (news articles quote Steve Azz saying they made the bad trip)  and running "trip"  poorly. A great baseball pitcher or bball player has bad games. Don't trade horses in mid stream. IF Epicenter in Belmont, connections have to go in saying the first 2 jewels have an alibi and excuse.

But they know what our "Queen of the Mile" says..Winning great horses find a way to get there first." first name and middle name initials....Early Voting

Let's go to Smarty (Good call). Smarty actually wrote in words that EV was breed for the long haul distance. And was likely to rise in TC regardless of his too few starts. Too few starts now is not enough for Derby, enough for Preak, not rested enough and experience in Belmont. Maybe?

For real: if it were not for the sincere relationships of Derby winner's people;  in past; Belmont winners had switched jocks to NYRA jocks who can measure 2 turns 12 furlongs. I don't think this colt hits the Belmont board. 

Prat likely to ride an entry no one has in contest. Good for business development having moved tack to NYRA. Prat IMO is the overall best jock. Knows how to think a race. Perfect adjusting seat and hands.

Hoofnote: Soon NYRA colony will learn how to hit  Prat's curve ball. Will he and his family want the Greater NY life. After California?!

Simplification; Running style of turning on the jet burners when asked..skip Belmont;  go Haskell and Trav.

Everybody has a winning ticket; until they open the gate (d)


From: twoshots


Except that wasn’t a yogi-ism, it came from some NBA coach or writer in a playoff series.


From: DogsUpWired


Thanks..I gave Yogi too much credit. He said: it's not over til it's over.

Who, in two consecutive Saratoga meets never lost a race; while holding the same record coming off  Belmont Park to Saratoga?

Daniel John Cook Jr. (August 12, 1926 – July 3, 2008) was a sports writer for the San Antonio Express-News for 51 years.[1] He is most notable for making the phrase "the opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings" into common use.[2] Described as a "sports icon",[1] Cook started working at KENS in 1956 and continued to work at the television sta
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From: Northof64


Looking like Charge it got pulled from the probable belmont list. Bummer. Loved he is a Tapit and thought he would be a factor. Oh well that’s horse racing hope he is ok. Good luck to the rest of you.


From: DogsUpWired


Scheduled for Belmont Stakes 

Old BT Win has Classic Causeway

DogsUp Mo Donegal - 


From: Oldbettowin


Oh boy.  Another chance to get 0 points lol.


From: Northof64


Ya a week ago both charge it and pioneer of medina were listed as possible for belmont. Now since the preakness both are off the list. Maybe pletcher wants the best scenario for Mo or Nest? Or Charge it and Medina did not come out of the derby well. They finished 17 and 19.


From: Gerh


According to DRF,Charge It had minor throat surgery as he seems to have displaced his soft palate during the derby.