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Toss for the WIN spot   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 4/22/22 by Wintertrian; 12751 views.

From: DogsUpWired


I do my homework. Practice practice..

Reread Diary last night.

There are 20 questions. And a multiplier of 20. And the payoff is graded on a curve. 

Everybody doesn't get an A.


From: Northof64


Not sure what c equals but I would certainly have ZoZos and Pioneer of Medina in the L and M spot. You have deeper pockets than me and I wish you the best of luck!!!! North


From: sovereign1


HA HA! Thanks! I have infinitely deep pockets because of the huge holes at the bottom of those pockets. But then again, I only bet 3 times a year: March Madness Brackets, the Kentucky Derby, and the Super Bowl.

Zozos is in one of the "rest of them" spots. I'm not sure about Pioneer of Medina, though. Change my mind. sunglasses


From: Wintertrian


ChiefsCrown said...

As of right now....i have 8 for usage in my verticals or 40% of the field. Going to whittle it down to 4 in the next 2 weeks for a decent size super/box.

Not every horse in your 8 is a win contender.   Boxing assume they are. 

8 sounds good to me if you are distributing them correctly into tiers.   6 or 8 is a good number of horses for the superfecta, IMHO. 


From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

I love Early Voting but it looks like they might wait for the Preakness.

Plenty of derbies and stakes races where he could do very well, not just the Preakness.  


From: Oldbettowin


I’d still like to see him in the derby lol.  He’s not my top choice but he has Buckpasser not only in a passing position but he’s in his tail female.  He’s #5 on my list of most likely to carry the large heart gene.  Funny enough, another one you mention is 2nd on my list, Un Ojo.  A couple that don’t look good there, at least not for the win imo are Crown Pride and Epicenter.


From: GioPonti


I'm inclined to toss Mo Donegal from the Win spot, looking for value

1) He has repeatedly had trouble getting out of the gate cleanly: "step slow st; off step slow; bumped break; slow break". That won't help in a 20 horse field

2) ridden by Irad, he will be overbet to Win.


From: ChiefsCrown


Right now i have whittled down to 6 E/P type runners and 2 S types. With only 1 E type signed on (Early Voting) hoping the list of E/P's stick around down the stretch w/1 of my 2 picking up a piece ITM.

"Analysis paralyisis" at its finest!!!


From: Northof64


Raced 4 times since late December with 3 of those 1 1/16 or longer so good foundation. Improving figures with every race. Broke through the starting gate and ran on but reloaded and still ran 3rd in la derby. Fairgrounds has produced some good longshots in the past and if you like ZoZos don’t you have to like Pioneer? Could be this years Bluegrass Cat. How did I do? Need more? :) North




So far it's Summer Is Tomorrow. Too much sprinter/miler pedigree. I know he ran well in the UAE Derby, but that was against a questionable field.