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Toss for the WIN spot   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 4/22/22 by Wintertrian; 11267 views.

From: Oldbettowin


Best rpr:

121 Taiba

116 Epicenter

116 White Abarrio

116 Zandon

115 Messier

115 Mo Donegal


114 Morello

113 Early Voting

113 Charge It

112 Crown Pride

111 Smile Happy

111 Simplification 

111 Zozos

110 Tiz the Bomb

108 Cyberknife

107 Classic Causeway

107 Pioneer of Medina

106 Summer Is Tomorrow

104 In Due Time

103 Ethereal Road

103 Un Ojo 

102 Tawny Port

102 Barber Road

94 Happy Jack




From: smartyslew


I do that and the current year and always look for pretenders whose best numbers are 8f or less

now I look for their best Numbers are with Lasix and how many races are with L and the last few years

L every other race until they win 2 in a row first with L and second race without L .. Like ,Cyberknife this year for example
did that pattern help him win that race without L. Makes me wonder. Whose going to bet him without Lasix carrying 126

at 10f. It looked like he was using Lasix in that last work like his good races with lasix to me. Plenty of time for it to wear off.

see what he looks like next  work. The last work except for the speed didn't look good  to me with that work mate.

what was the purpose.


From: ShaddyisBack


If this holds, then this year's elimination would include:

White Abarrio



Barber Road

Un Ojo

Charge It

Ethereal Road

Rattle N Roll

Maybe this angle doesn't pick winners, but it might help whittle down the field for exotics.

I actually think it is a decent list. Just remove the one or 2 you like and knocks out 5. Cyberknife talk, and charge it GREEN clears those 2 from list.


From: DogsUpWired


Yes for win, but in a Tri there's about 3.5 colts in that mix that could land for a piece. 

The play is to spend enough for a mother load Tri. but if pays Derby Tri $300 for $2. Tri you get your money back + $9.

Tabia could run like last year's Santa Anita winner then no board hit in the Derby.  Colt beat 5 runner field in Santa Anita and no compression. 

Winner history...


From: princeofdoc


Very helpful,, to predict the best number going forward, and why.  I like Smile Happy to run his best number, mostly due to his progression.  But I am also curious about the Japanese horse, though the training methods are certainly different.....4 works the last 12 days, and the most recent one quite fast initially.

I'm also thinking Zandon progresses, and maybe Mo


From: DogsUpWired


See post 96 here. Regarding UAE Derby winner. Also in the Kentucky Derby official site read all 


From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

Take Charge Lady is Part of The Rasmussen Factor With Tapit in that Pedigree thru her BM Sire Rubiano and Ruby Slippers the Rf Mare

Speaking of Take Charge Lady, Tami Bobo purchased Take Charge Indy when nobody else wanted all.  She is quite the horsewoman (I think she started out pinhooking as a single mom to make ends meet down in Ocala with QHs and moves on to TBs.)   One of the reasons I like Simplification, who Tami owns. 

You may remember Tami and Take Charge Indy----who Haskins referred to as her "pet" ---their relationship was unusual, not just horse/trainer, but literally inseparable friends. ).  reminds  you a little of secretariat's owner, somebody who just *believes* in a horse and forms a close relationship with a horse:


From: smartyslew


Yes I remember her The Bobo lady, is how i remember her, on Tv twice recently, she loves Simplification now !




For some reason, I always think of McPeek with TCL.  I know back in those days he got a horse for a couple regular guys for 20k that did very well.  I always thought that was her, but obviously that was another horse he got.  He got Harlans Holiday around the same time, but I am pretty sure it was a filly that he purchased.

OK I went and found it, it was She’s A Devil Due  purchased for 30k