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Cyberknife The Talk of the Morning Workouts   Triple Crown

Started Apr-26 by OldForesight; 1770 views.

From: Wintertrian


Oaklawn is my home track.  I play it ...... daily.   I play with an oaklawn group for 20+ years, we never miss a day of capping every race of the meet. 

Not arguing that Cyberknife may be coming into his own.  And I never said that.   Not sure why you are trying to convince me about something I didn't say or contest. :) 

What I did say is that, knowing the backgrounds and race records of every horse in that race, you'd be hard pressed to claim the Arkansas Derby was a "strong prep race."   (And if you do think that, then you're welcome to think that anyway).     Also, if you can find my post about why Sacred Oath wasn't *actually* the class of anything, which I wrote in detail before the race, you can read it, if I find it I will link you to it.   I plotted out every race she ran and who she ran against (other females, not males.....and she didn't really beat anybody, certainly not the likes of some of the females who have won big races at OP).    As a result, I did not have her to win. 

I think Smartyslew got the winner correct in that race. 

I actually LIKE cyberknife, and hope he gets a clean dry fast track to run the derby on.  No problem that he will get the distance...... but he is also very stamina laden and therefore I probably wouldn't put him as high up on mud.   My concerns are that Arkie Derby was not a key prep race, his final 3/8 and final Q don't make the grade, so I wonder about his ability for a late kick, and his best 2 turn Beyer Speed number is only a 92, far below about 11 other horses in the race (not having figs for the UAE horses).   

But I love that you have a passion for your horse.  And I also invite any and all to poke holes in horse I like, because that is the only way I learn ....... I may not see things that others see and it really helps my handicapping.   QUite often people will tell me stuff I never even saw.   But if I don't agree with them I will still fight for "my" horse.  LOL 



From: OldForesight


Sorry, I was not trying to convince you of anything I was just sharing information. You responded to my post and I replied to your comments. Originally, I started on this forum back in 2004 but got turned off by some of you people and stayed away for a long time. I see I haven't missed much.  


From: Oldbettowin


Wow.  That was kind of out of left field wasn’t it?


From: Wintertrian


OldForesight said...

You responded to my post and I replied to your comments.

Yes, I responded----and part of my response was that I disagreed with you when you said "I still hope most of you will continue to regard the Arkansas Derby as weak."  

I disagreed because, for a later prep race on the road to the derby, the entire field of 9 had 7 horses who had only won maidens or allowance races.    That is not a typical Arkansas Derby, and not a typical prep race in the month of April before the KY Derby .  

So, what part of my post "offended" you?  Was it just my stated belief that it was a weak race?  

(I guess I don't understand the point of starting a topic if you don't want a *discussion*)   33:23

This isn't the only one.  We have track announcers (probably even the one from OP as well), jockey agents, well known cappers saying the same thing.  It was sort of an "embarassment" because our track usually hosts some pretty potent races, and this year...........that didn't happen. 

But that also does not mean your horse isn't a good horse.  And I also said that.  



From: Gerh


The vibe is that he was always a very good work horse.I was impressed with his Arkansas Derby in that he showed he was push button.I am a little worried about his pre race antics and he needs a stronger finish.In his allowance win before the Arkansas Derby he beat Strava by about six lengths.That’s about the same distance that Tawny Port beat Strava by.Seems like a well balanced field this year.

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A few horses are working well. I liked the works of both Crown Pride and Charge It. The former is interesting. His only poor raace was over a muddy track, so they better hope CD is not wet, as it often is Derby weekend.


From: OldForesight


I did not come here to impose my opinions on anyone. I am not a tout!

When I like a horse, I always state the reasons why I like the horse. Besides, Cyberknife is not the only horse that have gotten my attention. I commented about Mo Donegal and Early Voting and how impressive they were in the Wood Memorial. I talked about Charge It and how his maiden victory was visibly the best I have seen of all the 3yr. old. I also said the experience Charge It got from the Florida Derby will give him the biggest improvement going into the derby. 

I have yet to convince myself which horse I will bet on in the derby so trust me, I was not trying to convince you of anything.  

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From: princeofdoc


I like that you share your reasoning unabashedly, Foresight!  Thanks!