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The kit-and-kaboodle of TC Season   Triple Crown

Started Apr-27 by Wintertrian; 513 views.

From: Wintertrian



SameSteve G said...

Very cool story of Eddie Martin Jr., the very fine retired jockey hooking up with Steve Asmussen and playing an integral role in the development of Epicenter.   He doesn't ride Epicenter in the mornings.  He rides Gun it, the workmate, to insure perfect workouts in the times Steve prescribes.

Not so secret weapon.

Clay Courville, son of trainer, Rick Courville, who handles Un Ojo, all of 25 years old and the self-professed "one man band" living the dream with his horse.  What a great kid.

Indeed!  Great stories!     We need a stories-type topic here every TC season for sure.  To recognize that bringing a horse to the TC races is a long and arduous task, and there are many hands, not just trainers, who spend a ton of time with these champions. 

So you, and the other "words persons" here.........  We need a name for it, like a headline.  It will always be good to get our noses out of the PPs and You Tube every season and I will dilligently post the topic title every year in the Triple Crown topic if we can "officially name it."  

So what does everyone think for a topic?  Doesn't need to be right now, if brains are working better after the KY Derby.  We all have some down time after that.