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Lasix substitute   HRN Horse-Races.Net General Discussions

Started 4/30/22 by Wintertrian; 538 views.
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From: princeofdoc


Excellent point......perhaps it's not news to post in the notes "No horses bled in this race"?

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From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

he European, Japanese and Aussie trainers have learned how to manage their bleeders without the lasix crutch because they have never had the crutch to lean on in the first place.  It starts with superior conditioning and much better conditions for the horses to live in.  They spend the time and money to keep them fit and to make the air they breathe as free from toxic particulates as possible.

Yes, as Gai Waterhouse HOF trainer said.  "it just requires good horsemanship."   

I don't think she could have said things more simply.  

And yes, I posted the article and the quote from the company because I have long said that another "drug" will be found, injectable or otherwise introduced thru a nebulizer, to subsitute for Lasix, for the bleeders that shouldn't be on the race track in the first place, let alone sent to the breeding shed.    Its a viscious circle.