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Derby trainers   Triple Crown

Started 4/30/22 by princeofdoc; 3115 views.

From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

I, personally, have been very impressed with the interviews, even the tactics, of the younger John Ortiz.  I w

I hope you saw my link to his very nice interview in trainer magazine? 

I posted it in my topic "Kit and Kaboodle" on April 27th a few days ago, before you started this trainer topic. (a very good topic in my opinion). 

f you haven't read it then you will very much enjoy reading it!   Very likeable and able, Oaklawn-based trainer. 

Now I'm very glad I posted the article, knowing there is a definite "fan" who will love reading it. 

I'm "guessing" he might still desire barns at OP next year, if so I will get his autograph for ya. I'm not much of an autograph collector myself, though I do admit to having one for Lukas when he did a Dawn At Oaklawn and I asked him to sign my ticket.   That one just seemed like a no-brainer.  :)   I did that recently for someone with Gary Stevens who was there a lot for FOX this year. 


From: sovereign1


Battaglia screwed him over. confounded