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Lets compare 2 recent UAE winners   Triple Crown

Started May-3 by Wintertrian; 964 views.

From: Wintertrian


Pedigreestar said...

In my opinion to win Kentucky derby getting the points through UAE  Derby is the best chance for any outside trainer/owner. Last year winner of UAE Derby Rebel Romance  why was not run the Kentucky derby is a big mystery for me. Hence I feel Crown Pride as well as Summer is Tomorrow have better chance than other runners. AS such Epicenter should win this race and trainer may get the Elusive Derby.   

Regarding Japanese runners they are already making big impact on International stage. Dubai, Riyad, Hong Kong everywhere you see Japanese winning big numbers. If Summer is tomorrow wins looks very difficult I will be happy as Trainer Bhupat Seemar is an Indian based in UAE.

Unfortunately Summer is Tomorrow has flown back home and will not be in the Preakness or Belmont.  But I certainly wish continued success to trainer Bhupat Seemar and appreciate that he is an Indian trainer.  I disagrree about the UAE being a good race prep for the KY Derby though.   

Based on the history of the type of runner and pedigree that race demands, it just doesn't seem to match up well for the KY Derby.  (better for the Belmont).  And I believe a trainer like Appleby was very smart to know this and NOT bring Rebels Romance to the KY Derby.   

I hope that there are some other Japanese races (or other international races) that horses can come out of and that the Road to KY Derby Japan will yield a runner from another race rather than the UAE race.   The problem is that in Japan it seems that the races for 2 year olds don't fall quite at the right time to coincide properly with our KY Derby.  Other than the Hyacinth or the Cattle Ya Sho.