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Sacred Oath BSF   Handicapping

Started May-7 by Wintertrian; 440 views.

From: OldForesight


Speed figures are overrated. Yuugirl got a higher speed figure than Secret Oath in the Fantasy Stakes on the same race-card as the Arkansas Derby but when they met in the Kentucky Oaks Yuugirl got smoked again by Secret Oath. I said again because prior to the Kentucky Oaks, Secret Oath beat Yuugirl by 9 1/2 lengths in the Honeybee Stakes. 

The fact is Secret Oath stepped down in class after taking on the boys in the Arkansas derby and beat her peers in the Oaks.     


From: Oldbettowin


So do we move up Cyberknife and Barber Road?


From: OldForesight


I am handicapping the track and the way the track has been playing Cyberknife and Barber Road will be at a disadvantage. Secret Oath was able to win because she was the best horse in the Oaks. 


From: Wintertrian


OldForesight said...

Speed figures are overrated.

I didn't say they weren't.  

As a matter of fact, one of my mantras is that speed players never soundly beat this game. 

I was just giving her BSF for as a data point, in case nobody knew what she got on Friday, and thought it might be useful for their ticket on Saturday.  

I'm not the person who quotes BSFs in any of my posts here......and that is true for years.   This one wasn't listed anywhere so I was just listing it for those who follow them.