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What were you right about & wrong about   Triple Crown

Started May-8 by Wintertrian; 3722 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

Morello missed the derby through injury.Can’t see him being anywhere near fit enough to run in the Preakness.

Oh right.....thanks for reminding me of that, Gerh.   Too many defections floating around in my brain.

I do like him so much, he would  have been so perfect here.  


From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

Anyone else notice that Epicenter is now listed as an E/P5?

I've noticed that Brisnet changes running styles of horses quite often and people don't catch it.  That has always bothered me!   Good catch.  

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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

That’s pure conjecture

Admittedly, yes, it is pure conjecture.   

But supposedly the best jockey on the best horse for that race. 

Joel is 1 for 11 in the KY Derby though.   He's certainly not Calvin Borel, Cordero, Hartack, Shoemaker, or Arcaro.  He's not even Gary Stevens or Desormeaux, actually.   So I will continue to think he's not as great as many think he is.  Conjecture or not.  :) 



From: Gerh


I am not a big fan of Rosario.Generally,I find him to be too inconsistent.When he is on his game he is good.The 1 for 11 doesn’t bother me.It seemed to take Johnny V forever to win one.

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I'm also of the opinion that Rosario moved a little early midway through the final turn. 

Rosario has been historically bad out of the gate in the Derby, however. Take a look at the race charts. Some of it can be attributed to his off-the-pace mounts. Rock Your World broke terribly and Epicenter was a little slow out of the gate, but that probably helped his trip.


From: smartyslew


I have noticed many of there classifications are wrong to begin with for young horses.

If a young horse wires the field and 6f time is 1.10+, 1.11,1.12, 1.13  ,even the 1.13 winner is Classified E, or EP

Then look at early last race, and Late last race and check the Classification of the list. Sometimes number one

early was 3rd in the 1.11 race with a P classification ,yet number one early in last race as one example. etc


From: Oldbettowin


I’ve noticed the same thing.


From: princeofdoc


I wonder if Rosario thought he won?  Just had to keep Zandon from passing him?  Possibly didn't see RS on the rail?