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Preakness Bets   General Discussions

Started May-11 by pianot; 9945 views.

From: pianot


Well I know the filly is in, just fyi.


From: DogsUpWired


It's too early to pick. 

In the next week + half it's time to sit in the sun. Think + do anything except horse homework. And why?

BUT, for now, as the conversation opener here is;

FRIDAY before noon and a scratch produces a runner from the AE list.

Pencil me in 




Interesting that based on several conversations I've heard, one would have thought Epicenter won the Derby. He's already being established as the favorite! No respect for the winner who won legitimately. Yes, the pace was ridiculous, but all of that is part of racing. The winner often gets the benefit of trip. He still had to maneuver through all that traffic and get to the finish line first. Anyone see the Trakus data for the Derby?


From: smartyslew


Isn't that the truth, Day after The Mig on the NYRA show Talking about the great ride Leon did

and giving some history about Leon in his racing colony's etc and Andy Serling pipes in and says Epicenter

will be the favorite in the Preakness, breaking the Migs thought. He deflects the thought many times

to something else to make it about him, so disrespectful. And others doing the same,

He was sling shotting his way drafting horse's like a Nascar driver in one of those once in a every few years

great rides, the data I saw 44 miles an hour down the stretch, over 3 miles an hour faster than anybody else.

maybe it was 4 miles an hour faster.


From: ChiefsCrown


 Pit Beef with a side of crab cakes and a Thoroughbred of Sin cocktail to wash it all down!!


From: DogsUpWired


 I don't find it unusual.

Epicenter held the Title going in: Points, money won, significant races, connections, Post time favorite and ran 2nd.

More often than not; with the exception of the exceptional amount of Trip Cw winners of late; the Derby winner ultimately isn't a Jewel race winner in a next leg or two. We had a rash even first 2 legs like Chrome + Big Brown.

Rematch. NEXT RACE - facing ALL

Pros: If the colt finally has his physical-mental run/game together.

Biting Aggressiveness after race (apology to outsider + pony) head game ready...wants more, wants to be a race horse 

He Won - beat the top 3yr olds, beat the odds, beat under Dog public nay saers and beat me

Cons: Shorter race; no history of 2 in a row with short layoff, winning on more than 1 track

Colt will have the proverbial target not "on his back, On His Front. He a 'closer 

The jocks are riding to force or press Der winner out of his game style and into there's


From: Oldbettowin


In the last 25 years, horses that won the derby at over 30-1 that went on to win the Preakness:

Charismatic.  That’s it.


From: Gerh


Just don’t think we are going to see that kind of pace for the Preakness.Overall,Epicenter has shown a consistent body of work.With Rich Strike,we still don’t know if he is horse for course or if he can repeat that performance on another track.I think Leon rode a great race but if you are a stone cold closer in a 20 horse field ,you have to get a perfect trip.


From: Gerh


Rich Strike will skip the Preakness per Bloodhorse 

In reply toRe: msg 13

From: sovereign1


I wish he skipped the Derby instead.