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Will they ever rebuild Pimlico?   General Discussions

Started May-14 by TexSquared; 835 views.

From: OldForesight


Yes, fixed seating at Laurel might be 30.000 but there is plenty of open spaces on the grounds and the infield to accommodate thousands of seats. Proponents of Pimlico came up with several proposals to preserve the track but even if they rebuild the people are not going to come. The neighborhood next door to Pimlico is crime infested and the track is surrounded by abandon houses and buildings. So, it is not just Pimlico.  They would have to redevelop the whole neighborhood. Go to Pimlico, there is a good chance your car is going to be broken into. Not to mention, the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore operated by Caesar Palace offers simulcast racing all over the country along with all the other casino gambling. 

The Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore and the MGM Grand Casino across the Potomac River from Washington DC and Northern Virginia are two of five casinos in the state of Maryland. Over 5% of all casino revenues goes to the Maryland Jockey Club to cover purse monies, Maryland breeders and horseman, which is about $75 to $80 million per year.      

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From: pianot


Pimlico is a dive and has been for 10 tens of years. I'd rather they keep derby at CD and move the other two legs around. Might make it more interesting with at least 3 weeks between.  Still might showcase the monster (non drugged) horse if that is even possible today. 

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From: Wintertrian


Pimlico is an embarrassment at this point as a proper place to hold the 2nd leg of our Triple Crown. 

Best get on with it, raze it and move elsewhere.  

Business is business but you'd think TPTB would have some semblence of respect for the 2nd leg of our TC, but I guess not. 


From: Oldbettowin


They should rotate it around to major tracks until Maryland decides they want it.


From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

They should rotate it around to major tracks until Maryland decides they want it.

Good idea!  Many tracks are deserving of a big stakes race and could use the attention, tourist dollars, 1 day boost to their local economy,  and wagers. 




That was 2015, the year Pharoah won. I was there, luckily under cover when it hit.

I've been to Laurel as well. while it is not up to date now, there seems to be a lot of area and potential to make it a much better destination.