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Started 6/7/22 by pianot; 7547 views.

From: smartyslew


Ok thanks, I'm glad the trainer spoke about it, that helps.

Did anybody For Barber Road and Mo Donegal say why those 2 were on the Vets List ?

Do you think we should leave all 3 off of our tickets


From: DogsUpWired


+ All

Like the article says all tracks maintain a Vet list of record, but don't publish or public disclose. (Smile) There would be a need for data entry so hugh they'd need a central custodial library.

The new watch don't like using Dog..for this group is going to face a lot of heat for not having data because they think it should be free.

As well as attorney fees will not come from the tracks, businesses and  individuals they confront. One cannot prosecute stakeholders with their own money. Ask Bob. 

Everybody has a winning ticket or solution...until the gates open. (d) 

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From: Wintertrian


:rolls eyes:   Just Stop. 

I think we HAD this converation before the KY Derby and before the Oaks as well.  

Crown Pride was on a 14 day vet list.  Ya think there was anything unsound about him?  There are reasons why horses are on lists.......not because they are unsound. Quarantine for horses coming from afarr Injections like hydrolaunic acid, etc. 

Most every athlete is going to be receiving some sort of therapeutic stuff.  So they go on and off these 14 day lists. 

(which if anything, should make people question why Baffert couldn't seem to keep track of stuff eh?)  

What would make these facts "less conspiracy theory like" is if racing were more transparent to the bettors.  That way, bettors wouldn't get all paranoid about this stuff 

"The veterinarian's list is also a way for officials to keep tabs on horses who have temporary restrictions on their ability to start in a race. State regulations provide varying time ranges in which a horse could be added to the list due to administration of a regulated therapeutic medication, an incident of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, or other veterinary treatment. It is typically these cases which will have “off dates” as well as “on dates” listed, since their period of restriction is set to automatically expire after a prescribed period of time...." 


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From: DogsUpWired


More riders have lost the race than horses," Lukas said. This is from USA Today( awhile ago). "It's a difficult racetrack to ride. Even if you ride it daily, there's something about it. The adrenalin gets flowing, and they make some mistakes and most of them misjudge the pace.


From: smartyslew


You had me confused when you picked one horse off the Vets List and didn't mention the other 2.




If We the People or Creative Minister was in the race without the other, I would be tempted to go with either to win this race on the lead, setting moderate fractions the whole way. However, I think they might complicate things for each other, bringing other horses into play. Maybe they play cat and mouse, or maybe one tries to get to the front, assuring a faster than expected pace. Who could benefit? Obviously, the first horse to look at would be the Derby winner. However, he hasn’t shown me that he likes any other dirt track other than CD. I can’t be sure he’ll be the same horse. I’m tempted at this point to go with Mo Donegal, but his odds won’t be favorable. I think I’ll just pass on this race!


From: smartyslew


When I first looked at this group I thought maybe we would have a Ta Tara  type race looking at

We The People  good final Q geared down.  Then I saw the 118 pounds  he was carrying, did that weight help or not

then Beyer  gave him a 103 in a 9f race carrying 118, and Rich Strike a 101 Pacjking 126 at 10 f. gives a lot of thought

and  Nest a 101 at 121 9f. lots to ponder imo.




I think I am the only person who must not like Mo Donegal.   If I had to pick between the two TAPs, I'd lean toward Nest mostly due to running style and ped.  It is difficult to pick a closer in the Belmont, Although I did get burned by Creator.


From: pianot


True its one I haven't added (Nest) but been thinking about it. I'm still on Barber Road at the moment.

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SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


This excerpt of a discussion with Reed makes sense to me.

We the People, the morning-line favorite, is expected to establish the pace Saturday. When he won the one-turn, 1 1/8-mile Peter Pan (G3) by 10 1/4 lengths at Belmont Park last month, the colt trained by Rodolphe Brisset went out in 23.66, 47.24 and 1:11.25.

Reed said that if Rich Strike repeats his own pace from Churchill Downs, he would be much closer to We the People than many horseplayers might expect.

“His time in the Derby, I believe, was 23 and change and 47 and change,” Reed said. Indeed, Trakus said Rich Strike’s early fractions were 23.08 and 47.32 seconds. “That’s going to put him where we’d want him here, if he does that."