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Started 6/7/22 by pianot; 7517 views.



I have never been to SA, but I would think there is an even bigger difference between that and BEL if you know where I am going on this one.


From: smartyslew


Horse Shoes is something we don't cap very much . you would think in the 21st century there is the technology

that suggests the horse shoe to use on deep sandy Tracks, the Best for Churchill, S.A..

this is something I'm in the Dark about.

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From: twoshots


Creative Minister looks like he could be the horse here. His Preakness showed me room for improvement. On the downside, he’s the least fresh of the field as it will be his 3rd race in 5 weeks. And B Hernandez is not quite a top tier jockey. But given the flaws each other entrant has, he’s my top pick. Mo Donegal might be the most talented horse in the field, and should relish the distance, but has consistently had gate issues and has the wrong style as a stalker. That said, if I were to bet it, I’d probably use him on top as well. Rich Strike jumped up so much in the Derby, I expect regression but can see him as high as 2nd. Nest’s only flaw is her level of competition, it doesn’t look like the filly class is as fast this year. We the People had such a jump in his last race, he’s a toss for me. Barber Road somehow intrigues me, he looks to be moving in the right direction and could clunk up.

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From: Wintertrian


Looks like sonny's agent couldn't drum up more than 2 rides for him, other than his derby mount.  1 mount on Fri in a maiden on turf @1-1/16th.  And 1 mount at 6F on Sat at 6F.   Both compliments of Oscar Barrera.   Not suprised, knowing the colonies in NY. 

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


There are three horses I would enjoy seeing hit the wire first.  Rich Strike, Barber Road and Nest.

In fact, I may make one play.  5 dollar exacta box of those 3.  Just to have a little action. 


From: pianot


Hope u knock it dead!




Early betting looking like the Preakness, no real big bombs.  WTP 8-1 Nest 4-1 Mo 2-1.  First two I have planned to use to be ITM  16-1 is highest odds,  I'll put some bets down but not as much if odds are spread out like the Preakness which caused me to back off there as well.

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No interest in We the People anywhere near the 2-1 ML, so I guess I'm going back to Skippy for the win with the hope that Franco puts him no worse than third early and he grinds his way to the wire first.




If WtP stays up mid single digits(8-1 last night), I will include him on more tickets. Kinda like EV at Pimlico who floated up.  Race pace seems to always go opposite what I think.  KD way faster PRK way slower.  So this one will probably be way too fast if it goes against my expectations

I really liked Skippy in his last two, but not here.  Going into the first turn at Pimlico, the jock had option to go inside or real wide and choose real wide which I thought was a mistake.  It does not matter here as none will be too wide.  He does have a lot of 10-a but I still think he is weaker overall for 12f.  Both he and MoD have quite a bit of ff3 which I always like, but am going against here.  7&3 are my top pedigrees but both those have some weaknesses as well.  

Looks like I am going against most of the top chalk but tough not to have chalky horses in the races with small fields  P5



From: sovereign1


Where are you getting the live odds?