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Pk6 CD 4th of July   Handicapping

Started Jul-4 by Plus2lbs; 464 views.

From: Plus2lbs


Mandatory payout gonna attract Big Money players.

Got a ticket to throw at it....6 singles...

Lol....,20 cents...maybe I'll make it $1..

Gonna use a  combination of numbers..

My dogs birthday...current % of humidity in air.. difference in time of sun rise and sunset & divide by amount of rainfall in last 30 days..

The way i prefer to play pk6 is when I can single in the first it's really a win bet on that horse.

Should be easy

For trial run..gonna try r2

2yo F 6f MSW


#9.  22/1..fell out the

No beating the fav....well fav to my eye

Nice payout on the #2 Just Like Magic..

I miscalculated the "dry" humidity...

With the breeze picking up the first number for r3 is

#1 Perfect Cut 6/ try

So...just gave the dog a kick...its

Pk6 Time R4

My win bet..$1

I've just heard it all...bugler at CD playing national anthem of the losers in the War of Independence....... Can't make this up...

R4 #10 Run and Gun..slow

Nice winner..Naughty Gal...D. Wayne Lukas

Out....Enjoy the fireworks.

On a side just realized what it takes for this game to grow like no ones ever seen..

Ima gonna keepa to ma self..

It's so easy.

You can have 10 guesses..

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From: smartyslew


Your dogs birthday is a good one, I like Number 4 in the 4th race of the Sequence, sometimes

its the only one I get right !


From: Plus2lbs


Sometimes I like the 7 in the 7th..

Sometimes 7&7..

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From: Wintertrian


Tuned in for one race, Bashford Manor, R6 CDX.    Gulfport ( UNCLE MO - FAME AND FORTUNE, BY UNBRIDLED'S SONG )   was pretty amazing, it looked like he won by about 20 lengths.   2nd fastest in the history of the race,

Asmussen wins this year after year, knows how to prep a horse for it. 

On side note, too bad about Mo Donegal's injury won't be in Breeders Cup. 




I went to CD on Foster day.  They really screwed up, crowd looked like a day during the week it was so sparse.  Moved the race to holiday weekend and ran it during the day.  Absolutely no problem leaving the track, no traffic.    First time I went to the track to watch races during the meet.  Spent less than $20 in bets.  Heavy chalk day.


From: pianot


You'll get em. I loved being at the track. Let it ride!!