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Travers Stakes   General Discussions

Started Aug-25 by Wintertrian; 2613 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


So far i have a super of Rich Strike/Zandon/Cyberknife and Artorius. Looking at pp's i see a speed dual up front between EV, Epi and ALG.

Going with RS, Zandon, Cyber and Artorius in a super. Hopefully RS or Artorius pull this off.


From: smartyslew


Thanks Tex, I see Jack Christopher is racing in the Jerkens Memorial,

Brown has 17 Stakes entrys in the next 3 days, Going for the gusto before his court date !


From: pianot


Ain't life grand might not have to dual.


From: DogsUpWired


You may be talking about Cyber knife slunk in the Derby race and chart.

His lights out time in Haskell closing against a 6 Fl 109* and to the 9 Fl in 136*. 

Fav 7/5 in Trav needs 112 or more at six. 

Cox will go with strategy to aim for the 9 panels at say 148+. Nobody around close enough to catch the last 1/8 strides 


From: Northof64


Nice observation on the Withers Winter. You always find interesting angles. My only thought is if you play Gilded Age you need to include Artorious. I see Early Voting fading again in this one. As you say Zandon has never beat Epicenter and I don’t see it here either. Cyberknife is progressing better than most here and I feel he is a must include. As you know I also like to include a long shot in my pick so with your help it will be Gilded Age-Artorious-Epicenter-Cyberknife box for the exotics. Thanks for your assessment!! North


From: DogsUpWired



Thunderstorms likely. Rainfall will be locally heavy at times. Potential for severe thunderstorms. High 79F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

  • Humidity70%
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From: DogsUpWired


Significant trainers have noted the track crunchy playing than yesteryears.

Clay added.

Rain Friday 

Derby winner exhibited an AM hoofing  for the terrain.

And still cause to believe that the finish 1 2 3 is in numerical order at mile and eighth ..the bench mark of where to be.


From: Wintertrian


Northof64 said...

Cyberknife is progressing better than most here and I feel he is a must include

I thought about that, but Cox has been very *particular* placing this horse in just the right races, at Monmouth,  CD and OP.    In this case, because he won two G1s and a G3, it's more like a foregone conclusion to run in the Travers.  I don't think Cox was saving his horse to particularly "target" this race.....just seems like more of a "default" entry.  And finally, he's no Essential Quality.    

I also dislike post #1 for him anyway, I think EV, Zandon, and Richie (who loves to run on the rail) are going to scoot over and unless Cyber can get out in front of them he's going to end up shuffled back and have to eventually go wide around the field midpack at some point to get back toward front.  So I think they are going to *send* on him, while everyone will be thinking it's gonna be EV and will be faked out. 

Artorius, if it wasn't a Chad Brown horse, with Irad aboard (keeping in mind this is a race at Saratoga! rah rah) would normally have M/L odds of at least 15-1 if not higher, being basically, just a maiden who has never won or even been in, a graded stakes race.   (In which case, why not just use Ain't Life Grand?)   IMHO, Artorious is going to find out what it's like to run against Monsters. 

I agree about EV though, an extra furlong isn't going to be his friend.  

Rich Strike did get a perfect setup in the KY Derby, but it's not like he didn't do any actual running.  He can run. And extra distance will not hurt him.   Just that he seems more like a Vino Rosso or Mo Don type which on the SAR bias, I'm not real excited about for him.    

And keeping in mind Epicenter is very push-button under Rosario.   

Obviously I haven't looked at PPs, past editions of the Travers,  or the weather yet.  Will do that late tonight or Sat morning. 


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From: DogsUpWired


And Cyber and Epi are in BC Classic.

Win here and BC .. 3 YOHY.

Stud fee a plus