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Richest Race in Europe Arc   European Racing

Started Oct-2 by Pedigreestar; 362 views.

From: Pedigreestar


Qatar Prix De l’Arc de Triomphe ( Group 1) 3 yr old + Turf at  1m4f Longchamp Paris 2022

Started in the year 1920 and one of the richest race in Europe for 3 year old and up on turf, run on first Sunday of October each year at Longchamp.

This year 20 runners in the race, Despite Verry Elleegent winner of last year’s Melbourne Cup not getting in the field  and Superstar Baaeed connections opting out of Arc, this year it is very competitive race in the Europe. Out of 20 at least 12-13 horses have really a good chance to win this race. Weather, Track conditions will affect the outcome considerably. Ireland, Great Britain, Germany , France and  Japan are represented in the race. In my opinion it is going to be Japan on top this year. Among the 4 runners from Japan as per Pedigreestar analysis Titleholder and Do deuce have good chance to win.

Among the 3-year-old       19   Do Deuce  25 to 1 odds

                                              16   Al Hakeem  14 to 1 odds

                     4-year-old       11   Titleholder 7 to 1 odds

                                                5   Alenquer      50 to 1 odds

                     5-year-old        14    Alpinista     5 to 1 odds

                                                 3    Mare Australis 10 to 1 odds 

As per Pedigreestar analysis winner can emerge from Alpinista or Titleholder as the trend looks to be Favorite to win the race, and above-mentioned horses can be in the money.

 My First Choice is Titleholder for win.

Ravi Gowande




From: Wintertrian


Pedigreestar said...

As per Pedigreestar analysis winner can emerge from Alpinista or Titleholder as the trend looks

You got her right!  Alpinista for the win.   

No female has won since 1937.  

Edited:  Since 1937 no  mare 5 year old until today won the Arc.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Zarkava - 2008 winner.

Danedream - 2011

Enable - 2017, 2018.


From: smartyslew


Since 1937 no  mare 5 year old until today won the Arc. 85 year spread.

Enable 3 and 4 yrs old, that is greatness as you know.


From: Wintertrian


Thanks for editing my reply......I already knew Zarkava won for sure, since I've talked about her winning so many times over the years......but was on my way out the door to the dog shows so didn't post thoughtfully.  

I sometimes think others can read my mind,  but of course mine was a post of MISINFORMATION.   

Meanwhile, I just wanted to give Pedigreestar props for having the winner in his top 2, since we know he has a unique way of finding winners.  (astrological). 


From: smartyslew


BTW The Mare in 1937 Corrida also won in 1936, back to back like Enable who missed 3 in a row by 1 3/4 lengths when She was 5.