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Early Voting Retired   General Discussions

Started Oct-5 by Gerh; 308 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

after a grueling six race career.


Also only a 1 year total career, unless you wish to count that ONE race at the end of Dec in 2021.  

Had he not beat Epicenter in the Preakness, doubtful he could have afforded to retire so quickly.   Up to that point he only won about $321K.      His auction price was $200K.    That would have been a wash w/training and vet bills. 

It was that $990K in the preakness that put him up over $1mil.   

Maybe if we can just boost the purses a bit higher, we can start shooting for 6 month long careers?   :snicker:

Speaking of EV, Chad's next court date after being post postponed in August,  is tomorrow, Oct 7th?   EV retired on Oct 5th.  Think they could have waited just 2 more days....making it a true date to remember  :evil: