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Looking over some BC Races   Breeders' Cup

Started Oct-28 by Wintertrian; 774 views.

From: Wintertrian


If you come across a top pick that you want to highlight, post the race name and horse name.

I speed-read the cards.   The Classic looks to be the worst betting race.

Even when I do not wager, I STILL handicap a lot of races for practice.  

Most difficult race I found, and therefore possibly some good odds, is the BC Juvie Fillies.   One I like in there is XIGERI.  The Uncle Mo filly.     Have a feeling will be ignored in the betting.   But I have no idea what odds are yet.  I like the omni-surface horses like her and Chop Chop.   I have always felt that a truly good horse is one that is not overly picky about surface....some of course do seem to prefer certain surfaces but it doesn't always mean they can't run on other stuff.  

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From: Wintertrian


Xigeri going in the turf instead. 

Typical musical chairs of BC races.   What I don't like about trying to figure out who is running in what race, on what day, on 2 full cards. 

Maybe I will play that race, but now I have to come up with another horse for the juvie fillies.




I don't plan to do a lot of betting this year. I will be a fan for the most part. I am anxious to see if Flightline is the monster I think he is. The next big race for me is the Juvy Filly Turf. MTR is only represented by one horse in this year's BC, and it's in this race. Shug is sending out Pleasant Passage, winner of the Miss Grillo. It would be great if she could add to her sire's record of success in Breeder's Cup. If she does it will be at a price!




Wintertrian said:

The Classic looks to be the worst betting race.

I've been looking for reasons for going against Flightline.  The other 2 classics at KEE were basically wired, Knicks Go did well a KEE and DMR, where FL did well as well.  Can't find any reason.

Looking like a lot of Chalk. Golden Pal Turf Sprint, Modern Games still looks good, Rebel Romance looks good as well.  Jackies Warrior, not quite the lock others look to be. but still good

Edit:  Not looking at Rebel Romance as a definite winner right now.  Still looking over the PPs on this race, but leaning against this one for a single.

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From: smartyslew


Do you think any 3 year old can pull a Cat Thief in the Classic this year ?

I'm toying with the Idea of playing one on top, because I think this years crop is pretty good

only he hasn't faced Olders yet. 

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From: smartyslew


firm turf today

Race 10Keeneland - Friday, November 4th, 2022 on message 1352 Juv Turf data on the PP and Charts
List the runup for their last race s/be considered for this mile race in my opinion.

Runup to the start  Ok the turf is firm today

11 Reckoning Forcerunup 214 ft  fm

2 Packs a Wahlop  160 ft  fm

5 Battle Of Normandy 100 ft  gd  rail out 27 ft

6 And The Winner Is 100 ft  fm

7 Really Good  100 ft fm

3 Curly Larry Moe  92 ft  fm

8 I'm Very Busy 28 ft  yl

13 Major Dude 28 ft  yl

10 Webslinger 24 ft fm

1 Victoria Road  ?   gd

4 Silver Knott  ?     gd

Didn't do the 6f runners you can look them up on their charts

Message 1352 has the bris speed numbers and last Q. 2022 2 years old thread


From: smartyslew


10th  Keeneland - Friday, November 4th, 2022  8f turf

 $ 20 win #1 Victoria Park 6-1, Thats a Pick , can't bet the 4 at  9-5, hope the pick likes firm turf

I will use the 2; 5-1,4; 9-5, 6 ;7-1,  11; 43-1,  13; 19-1 in my exotics after I see How the Turf is playing.


From: Plus2lbs


7/1 on #4 Free Look....a good long look.

But the price on #14 Basil Martini w/ Johnny V...priceless

Meh..Terrible ride...rosario riding the field

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