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2023 Derby Future Pool 1 this week, really?   Triple Crown

Started Nov-1 by TexSquared; 1405 views.

From: smartyslew


40 betting interests and exacta betting shines like the Sun hitting Nuggets of Gold ,they must be desperate

and 1-4 on all other 3 yr olds, Fish on Moby Dick, at least 19 probables not making the field at least In Vegas

you can pick the one you want and not  limited to their pool. Most on here are precocious types and the 

firsters coming out in the next 2 months many are being held back for the TC Trail. every year its a piece

of the Pie and not the whole pie. I suggest they leave one or 2 slots open to put in anyone you want from the Whole pie..

One tool I would use is make sure they have at least one or more Stamina Chef within the first 5 generations, prefer one on the Sire side.

Instead of being Moby Dick the biggest fish in the Sea, be a guppy the odds are better .

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From: TexSquared


Well other than the field the big "favorite" is Extra Anejo who just broke his maiden for Steve Asmussen and Ron Winchell...

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From: smartyslew


Where is Cave Rock and the Derby Winner !!innocent

You can get on your cell phone and go to a betting site and  bet on any 2 year old nominated to the Derby if you look hard enough!
That's out of the whole pie and not a piece of the Pie.

  • Edited November 3, 2022 11:19 pm  by  smartyslew

From: TexSquared


I noticed that too and then remembered, oh yeah Baffert is suspended from CDI for 2 years...


From: smartyslew


He has others working bullets he hasn't turned loose yet. 
I think you noticed it looks like he is going to race as many as he can in every point race

and take the points away from as many as he can. and later turn a few over to somebody

that is eligible for the big dance. Unless they have a rule to stop him that I'm not aware of.


From: princeofdoc


The bargain I see in this pool is Loggins at 27-1.......




Pool 3 I took a shot with the 21.  Strictly a pedigree play. Did not run well in his OC race.   Horse is loaded with reines.  This type always seems to be over bred and does not deliver (as he did in last race) but was 80-1?  KD site had him 99+-1 when I looked there, saw 80?-1 when I went over to bet, but still bet.

Tail to Dance Number, only non reine on dam side is Unbridled which is never bad.  Not quite what I look for, but odds were there.  Did not see anything else of interests.  Forte was my horse in KEE futurity and in the BC Juv, but not as high on him as a 3yo especially at 6-1.