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Breeders Cup   General Discussions

Started Nov-2 by pianot; 2586 views.
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From: pianot


rom: smartyslew

12:21 AM

The X denotes the entrants I like, 1 other #9 Nagirroc trained by Graham Motion has only
raced short sprints and imo worth a look.  I'm Tilting Towards #1 Victoria Road 8-1 and he has raced at 9f
and this might be short for him. #4 Silver Knott 3-1 a presser would be my pick, maybe the odds will go up,
If I play Exotics I will use the X entrants. I listed the track conditions, the Runup, Last Q time, graded wins
or wins, bris speed, odds, rail position if noted ,and running style not bris fake numbers for young horses.
IT^S ONLY A Mile race and the winner could come from a first time mile runner.
10th  Keeneland - Friday, November 4th, 2022
STAKES. 1 Mile Turf. Purse $1,000,000. Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf (Grade 1). FOR COLTS AND GELDINGS, TWO-YEARS-OLD. Weight: 122 lbs.; $15,000 to pre-enter, $15,000 to enter, with guaranteed $1 million purse including travel awards of which 52% to the owner of the winner, 17% to second, 9% to third, 5% to fourth, 3% to fifth, 2%to sixth, 1% to seventh, 1% to eighth, 1% to ninth, 1% to tenth; plus travel awards to starters not based in Kentucky. The maximum number of starters is fourteen with four also eligibles. In the event that this race is taken off the turf it will be contested at One Mile on the main track. (05:40 PM) (14)
PP Horse A/S Wgt Jockey Trainer
1x Victoria Road (IRE) 2 C 122 Moore Ryan L.  g3W O'Brien Aidan P. 8-1           RF*   gd
2x Packs A Wahlop
run up160 ft
122 Smith Mike E. 2 g3W Mullins Jeff   6-1  speed  91  rf * 23.40  fm
3 Curly Larry And Mo
Run up 92 ft
2 C 122 Arrieta Francisco Caramori Caio  30-1   speed  74  23.55 fm
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From: DogsUpWired


RACE 6 absolute pass the race type to bet is 5.5 on lawn. Add 2' yos. Fillies Colts. Even more-so any leg in a horizontal.

A key Tri wheel  in 1,2,and 3 spots... is darn that jockey Dettori aboard # 6 Persian Force.


My favorite hcap race is mile lawn -- long. Albeit this is 2 yo girls.

 Dettori/Frankie-Oh on board # 3 Last Call. Ditto for above Tri with the #3 in the 3 spots of wheel.

Hoofnote: Javier Castellano irons up Friday at Belmont @ The Big A and should have a 'field day.

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From: smartyslew


I guess this is alright, a first to happen to me, I do have it in my 2 year old thread I started for 2 year olds.

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1st 2nd 3rd

Juv Turf Sprint Love Reigns The Platinum Queen Mischief Magic

Juv Fillies Chop Chop Atomically Raging Sea

Juv Fillies Turf Delight Meditate Xigera

Juv Forte Cave Rock Curly Jack

Juv Turf Mo Stash Silver Knott Packs a Wahlop

FM Sprint Lady Rocket Obligatory Chain of Love

Turf Sprint Golden Pal Highfield PrincessA rtemus Citylimits

Dirt Mile Slow Down Andy Senor Buscador Cody's Wish

FM Turf In Italian Lady Speightspeare Toy

Sprint Jackie's Warrior O Besos Flash of Mischief

Mile Smooth Like Strait Modern Games Annapolis

Distaff Malathaat Nest Search Results

Turf Mishriff Nations Pride Broome

Classic Flightline Epicenter Hot Rod Charlie

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From: OldForesight


Juvenile Turf Sprint -- American Apple, Oxymore, Love Reigns, Persian Force

Juvenile Fillies -- Grand Love, Alma Rosa, You're My Girl

Juvenile Fillies Turf -- Pleasant Passage, Be Your Best, Delight 

Juvenile -- Cave Rock, Verifying, National Treasure

Juvenile Turf -- Webslinger, Andthewinneris, I'm Very Busy, Packs A Wahlop

Saturday's Card

Fillies & Mare Sprint -- Goodnight Olive, Wicked Halo, Echo Zulu

Turf Sprint -- Golden Pal, Campanelle, Highfield Princess

Dirt Mile -- Laurel River, Law Professor, Gunite

Fillies & Mare Turf -- Above The Curve, Nashwa, Moira

Sprint -- Elite Power, Jackie's Warrior, American Theorem

Turf Mile -- Modern Games, Dreamloper

Distaff -- Society, Nest

Turf -- Nations Pride, War Like Goddess, Rebel's Romance

Classic -- Flightline, Olympiad, Taiba


From: DogsUpWired



Super .10

3/4,6,5,10/All/All.  .20 

3/All/4,5,6,10/All could be repeat ticket 



From: DogsUpWired



A10/B2 5 7 9,13, 14, /C2,3 5 7-9 13 14



From: Plus2lbs


An old dog with a new trick..

I like that.

Best of luck


From: smartyslew


firm turf today

Race 10Keeneland - Friday, November 4th, 2022 on message 1352 Juv Turf data on the PP and Charts
List the runup for their last race s/be considered for this mile race in my opinion.

Runup to the start  Ok the turf is firm today

11 Reckoning Forcerunup 214 ft  fm

2 Packs a Wahlop  160 ft  fm

5 Battle Of Normandy 100 ft  gd  rail out 27 ft

6 And The Winner Is 100 ft  fm

7 Really Good  100 ft fm

3 Curly Larry Moe  92 ft  fm

8 I'm Very Busy 28 ft  yl

13 Major Dude 28 ft  yl  slow turf early made his finish look good imo

10 Webslinger 24 ft fm

1 Victoria Road  ?   gd

4 Silver Knott  ?     gd

Didn't do the 6f runners you can look them up on their charts

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From: ChiefsCrown


BC picks....1st, 2nd, 3rd

Fridays Juvy's

R6...Turf Sprint---Mischief Magic, Love Reigns, Persian Force

R7...Juv Fillies---Wonder Wheel, Chop Chop, Raging Sea

R8...Fillies Turf---Meditate, Free Look, Xigera

R9...Juvenile---National Treasure, Cave Rock, Forte

R10...Juvy Turf---Silver Knott, I'm Very Busy, Andthewinneris


R3...Fillie & Mare Sprint---Obligatory, CeCe, Goodnight Olive

R4...Turf Sprint---Golden Pal, Casa Creed, Campanelle

R5...Dirt Mile---Cyberknife, Cody's Wish, Simplification

R6...Fillie & Mare Turf---Nashwa, Moira, Rougir

R7...Sprint---Jackies Warrior, Aloha West, CZ Rocket

R8...Mile---Modern Games, Smooth Like Straight, Domestic Spending

R9...Distaff---Malathaat, Clairiere, Search Results

R10...Turf---Rebels Romance, War Like Goddess, Nations Pride

R11...Classic---Taiba, Flightline, Epicenter

Good Luck to everyone's tickets!!