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Selections For BC Long shots    Breeders' Cup

Started Nov-3 by Pedigreestar; 349 views.
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From: Wintertrian


pianot said...

Seriously you can just post in breeder cup thread? 

Except, to add insult to injury, the Breeders Cup topic is under General Discussions, instead of the actual forum  that was carved out for Breeders Cup, named Breeders Cup.     ROTFL

I am sensitive to this stuff because one of the classes I taught was to adults, who were going into medical records keeping at hospitals, teaching them how and where to file stuff (Alphabetic Indexing) .    So, it became important (and even life saving) that things go in a certain place.     It's not being OCD

I went crazy looking for "the breeders cup" it wasn't in the Breeders Cup forum .


From: Wintertrian


Pedigreestar said...

4) Go Bears Go, Arrest Me Red, Emiraaty Ana

Nice call on Emiraaty Ana.......21-1  to place.  I used her place/show.  Thank you Pedigree Star. 

I think last time you gave picks you also had a few really good ones.