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belmont stakes contenders updated conduit   Triple Crown

Started 5/22/18 by smartyslew; 8534 views.

From: Oldbettowin


Hey rob, dumb question, and I know that Mr. Lathrop is retired, but did he update his research after his original work?  I think I read somewhere once that he analyzed something like 16,000 races to compile his original data.  Just wondering if there have been any changes of consequence, or if that original data pretty much did the trick since we were already so far removed from 1900.  I guess if the theories about mitochondrial dna are correct, they should be passing along the same ol stuff generation after generation, at least in lieu of mutations.


From: smartyslew


yes, he updated every year from his first year thru 2010 good for 2011 season

with 20 only copies and i was one of the 20 that received one and bad health

forced him to retire and close his site.

then his health improved some and he has a site that he updates classifications

and new conduits and posts them from A thru Z at this site.

if one wants to update the cmp profile for a horse  you have to go thru the conduits

for all 16 horses  in the 4th generation and using their classification for each 16

and use his formula for the cmp and index and other formulas in his book and some data

and formulas that were not in his book bill sent me thru e mails  and i first paid for his info 13 years ago

some of the other 20 to receive his last book are Simon Bray, Kathleen & Barry Irwin, i'm not sure

if rich perloff got his last book. more breeders use bill's book than cappers .


From: Oldbettowin


Thanks, it’s fascinating stuff.