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Meet the Milers   Handicapping

Started 5/28/18 by Plus2lbs; 12476 views.
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From: Plus2lbs


Bumping this thread for the KY. Downs meet.

Any ideas are appreciated..

I will start off with the Tourist Mile..

Odds board should be very appealing..if you find the right should make it worth the while.

More I look over the race..methinks there will be a crowd at the finish..noses separating the exotics.  Will have to key the winner though.

Will have to take a stand with one of these..many ways to go..but I zero'd in on a key for W/P...Have to put together a Tri/Super ticket...1x3x4x4 then 3x1x4x4.

Payoffs have looked pretty good at the track far

Parlor to the front


Sacre bleu....Leparooed

Get it back at Saratoga Woodward Stks.

#2 Bal Harbour w/p

What a fantastic race all some back..

Heard someone yelling for the 9 and the 7 and the 5..

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From: zowcownow


Good pics -- I had the woulda, coulda, shoulda bet with Snapper Sinclair in the Tourist mile.  I remembered the horse from last years Triple crown races....loved the name....but alas didn't make the bet.  I went with Mr. Cup and Brian Hernandez.  <loser town>

Got my money back in the 9th -- With a lot of Kittens Joy offspring.....I tend to bet a lot of horses with Kitten or Cat in the name on turf races.   Simple win bet on Jezebels Kitten (4-1).  Sometimes handicapping is very simple.  

And the Woodward was a really nice race......

I bet WP on Preservationist and Bal Harbour was my <million $ show> bet.  $5.10 on Bal Harbour to show was very discouraging.   Stupid exacta box or tri bets with these horses.   Happy about Preservationist -- I have a BCC future bet on him at 40-1.

The other race that was special was Vasilica in the John C. Mabee at Delmar.  Prat nailed it on the wire.  Vasiclica is a special horse that has the Zenyatta desire to win.  



From: Plus2lbs


Kentucky Downs R9

Old Friends Stakes.

Lots of scratches..wide open affair..lukewarm fav. 4/1 ml..probable 2/1 when pools open.

Opens up 3/5...moves to 4/5 and stays there..

#13 Space halved to 15/1

Should be rolling latest..gets his nose down.

W/P #13...

Was rolling up for 3rd..

Fav nowhere.

Winner is KEESEP 16 grad that cost $1000..

Earned over $200,000

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From: Plus2lbs


S#its and giggles..

CD R5#9. 

Wicked Wednesday..48/1

Top flight..faded

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From: Plus2lbs


Breeders Cup Mile..

This is a fantastic field..must watch race.

Probably only play 2-3 races this weekend..     

Let it ride.,.kinda like a pk 3

If I can hit 2....take half and let other half ride

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From: zowcownow


Milers --- turf or dirt?

Oh well -----  

Mr. Money on the Dirt 

Uni on the the Grass


From: Plus2lbs


Come on man...

Need be better than I can put a line thru them...thanks..

Let it ride baby..

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From: Plus2lbs


Uni proved it for sure.

My plan didn't plan our.