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This is Delphi Forums' official support forum for Hosts. Ask questions, discuss problems, give feedback, and share tips about running a successful forum.

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This community is dedicated to helping hosts and their assistants run successful forums. Here you'll find...

  • Staff and volunteers ready to lend a hand with your forum management questions
  • Official announcements and updates
  • A place where you can give Delphi Forums management feedback and constructive criticism
  • A community of forum hosts that help each other succeed

Delphi Forums Staff:

WaltHowe (WALTHOWE)Gunter (GUNTER)

Community Support Team volunteers:

Showtalk (SHOWTALK), Angela (ANGEHOWE), Carol Ann (KNIT_CHAT), Dee (DLAINEDEE), Lyndy (LYNDY7), Ninee (NINEE), Walter (WALTER784)

The rules here are simple: Be respectful of others.

Also, don't post details of Terms of Service violations (like the forum name, URLs and usernames of those involved) -- we'd rather you email us those details at

The specific rules are:

  • Be polite
  • Please check the existing messages, especially recent ones, to see if your problem or question may be answered or discussed. You may find the answer you need.
  • Please keep off-topic chatter to a minimum so we can keep this forum as a useful resource
  • Official Announcements and messages from Delphi Forums staff may be copied and reposted in other forums
  • Keep the language reasonably clean
  • Please try and help us keep the threads on topic
  • Please don't promote your forum here. One link in your signature is fine. Any more than that may be removed at the discretion of the Delphi Forums staff.
  • Flaming, misinformation, and/or forum rules or TOS violations will not be acceptable. Posts that interfere with this forum's operation or staff's ability to run the forum will be removed.

Need more help on Delphi Forums?

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