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New Ownership   Delphi Forums Announcements

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From: DelphiForums


We've got some great news to share with our valued members.

Dan Bruns has acquired Delphi Forums (and its Talk City sister site) from Mzinga.

Dan was one of the initial executives of the original Delphi online service, the precursor of Delphi Forums, and has been involved with Delphi in various capacities since the very beginning. It's hard to imagine a more qualified person to lead Delphi Forums to a brighter, independent future.

Becoming a separate company allows us to focus on making Delphi Forums the best place for those with like minds and shared interests to connect online, independent from Mzinga's mission to service corporate clients. Both companies can now focus on their respective strengths.

Walt, Gunter, Gordie, Cstar, Showtalk, and our volunteers will stay on in their current capacities and will continue to work with our members and hosts as they always have.

We ask for your help as Delphi enters this new phase. We'll need your input, your patience, and most of all, your support. We need hosts to keep running great forums. We need our members to keep visiting and contributing to those forums. And if you want to support our new, independent direction, consider purchasing a DelphiPlus or DelphiExtra subscription (or maintaining your existing subscription).

Our forums have always been run by people with passion. With your continued support, that passion will help sustain and grow our communities for another 30 years.

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From: DelphiForums


We've put together this list of frequently asked questions about the ownership change:

1. How will this change affect me?

For the time being, it won't affect you at all. Your favorite forums will still be there and you'll get to them and interact with them as you always have. If you're a host, you'll continue to run your forum the way you always have.

Eventually, we hope this change will affect you in a positive way as we fix longstanding bugs and make improvements.

2. Who is Dan Bruns?

Dan has been involved with Delphi Forums since its first incarnation as an online service in the early 1980's and has been involved with Delphi in various capacities ever since.

3. Why did Mzinga sell Delphi?

Mzinga does a great job providing hosted social software applications to companies, and they decided that they need to focus on that core mission.

4. Are you going to change the way the message boards work or go with cheaper message board software?

As part of the purchase, we have the right to keep using (and improving) the existing message board software. There are no plans to use anything but the current interface. We want to make incremental improvements to the existing software.

5. Are you going to raise our subscription prices?

We have no plans to raise subscription prices.

6. What will happen to the staff and volunteers that answer questions in the support forums and respond to inquiries via email?

Everyone is staying with Delphi and they're all excited about our new direction

7. Does this mean things will get fixed faster? Slower? Not at all?

Things will get fixed. Hopefully faster, but definitely with more forethought and planning.

8. Are you going to fix [insert the bug that bugs you the most here]?

We're spending a lot of time reviewing what needs to be fixed, what needs to be improved, and prioritizing that work. Once that prioritization is done, we're going to work our way down that list. We need to hear from members as to which bugs they feel ought to be at the top of that list.

9. What happens if something big breaks, or if the forums go down?

We've contracted with Mzinga for certain operational and hosting services that can be tapped in an emergency. Also, we have access to people that can be brought in to help in the event of a major failure.

That said, it's no more likely that there will be a major problem now than before the sale. There is monitoring software in place to catch problems before they become major issues and all of the software and data is hosted in a professional hosting center with all sorts of redundancies and backup power.

10. What about the elusive "new platform?"

Forget we ever mentioned it. The plan is to stick with the message board interface that members keep telling us they love. We hope to improve the message board software, not abandon it.

11. Are we going to get any new features?

Yes. The types of features we build and the timetable for building them are still under review. But we want to make the existing technology platform better.

12. What about all the "wish list" items we've posted over the years? Is any
of that ever going to happen?

We will be taking those wish list items into account as we decide how to move forward.

13. Will Delphi's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy continue as is?

There are no plans to change either of those documents other than to remove references to Mzinga.

14. Are you going to start jamming new ads into the message boards to pay the bills?

We are looking at ways to increase advertising revenue and that may mean that we show new ads to those who are not on a paid subscription plan. But we understand that we need to do that in a way that doesn't drive people away.