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Using Zeta Mobile on Classic Forums - tutorial   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 7/1/16 by Plain unbuttered Kid (Kidmagnet); 4026 views.

From: Nucc


Thank you so much for your help but this doesn't register in my 74 year old mind at all  

You showed me how to invite old contacts and I'm grateful for that  but now I would like to know

1. if I can get an old style forum like this,

Where I can read answers like this.

2. How I can block or ban somebody because I thought I did (ban /block) somebody but apparently I didn't because they're still coming to my forum to view at least.

3. How do I moderate just certain posters.?

I'm sorry but this is the first time I've had my own forum.  I followed some of the stuff above and I just got MORE CONFUSED.  Some stuff I thought I was doing apparently I wasn't doing at all so I throw my hands up in the air and I'll stick with you if you don't mind because a lot of persons helping me confuses me even though I'm grateful for their offering.

The 3 above are MOST IMPORTANT to ME right now.

 Thank you so much again.

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OK Number 1.

Click on Controls

And look for this button

After you click on it you can reload the webpage (Click on your forum name) and it should look like the other forum.

I'll answer the other question in the next post.

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If the member has posted it's easiest to click once on their name and look for the Set Privilege link in their mini profile

Once you click on that link a new screen will come up with options. (some options will be different or missing, this is from one of my own forums)

Some Explanations:

If a section is greyed out is is not available either because of the member's membership level or your own. (You must be Plus to have staff for example, and they must have Plus to be an assistant in a Classic forum)

The restrictions work as followed.

Gagged - member can enter forum but not post

Locked Out - means banned, member cannot access for while logged in (if your forum is public and allows gets, they can enter to read only if NOT logged into their account.

On Probation/Moderation - they may enter and posts, but all their posts will go the the Moderation section in the forum for you to review and approve individually. (see next post)

Bozo - members messages appear to them only. To all others reading their appear as a deleted message. Staff (you) in a forum has an additional link in Classic to view the message. This is a poor method to use. I advice against it, the other three work much better.

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Let me know when you have changed your forum and I'll post more instructions. I don't want to confuse you further.


From: Nucc


So far that's great.  The other style was much prettier I admit but for me personally, it was confusing .  If you don't mind, let me work with what I have for a couple of days and I'll see what I can use.   

Kidmagnet I'm sorry you have to explain things to me like I'm a 3 year old but as I'm aging in this fast moving technological world it is getting harder for my slowing mind to process things.

I appreciate what you're doing for me and I  can't thank you enough.  The only other thing I can think of right now is DIFFERENT TOPIC SECTIONS someone is asking for recipes, or if someone wants to focus on the political scene.  How would I list different topics?

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Nucc said:

Kidmagnet I'm sorry you have to explain things to me like I'm a 3 year old

I work with children so that is literally my job lol Don't worry about it.

Nucc said:

The only other thing I can think of right now is DIFFERENT TOPIC SECTIONS

Folders! blush

Click on your Controls Tab, then the Forum Management section, and lastly Manage Folders.

You can change the name of existing folders, or create a new one by typing where the words *Add New Folder Here* are. Once you create a new folder another slot with those words will appear below it until you have used all of the 16 folders allotted to each forum.

FYI for anyone following along, this is a Starter forum screenshot. Plus members have more options,


From: Nucc


I don't know this one looks a bit confusing to me. Let me get back to you on the adding of new folders. but I've put one person on moderation but I don't know if this person has posted anything to moderate.  He was usually good for 15-20 a day.

I do want him to keep posting accept the posts are sometimes long and laborious.

Thank you so much again.


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Nucc said:

I don't know if this person has posted anything to moderate. He was usually good for 15-20 a day.

Each time you arrive at your forum check your Moderation this way

Click on Controls and then the Forum Management heading and lastly, Forum Moderation. That leads to this screen and in this case there are not any posts in the moderation queue.

If there are messages they will appear here and you can:
Approve them (in which case they will appear on the board after you check Approve and click on Submit)
Deny them (they will delete after you check Deny and click on Submit)
Hold them (meaning they will remain in the moderation area but with the words Held so you know you have reviewed it already)
or grant the poster Voice. If you grant them Voice (check Voice and then click Submit) their posts will no longer be moderated.

A note about Editing - it's best to NOT edit another members posts. There's a fine line between removing content and staying within ToS's guidelines and causing a ruckus.

When it is ok to edit

  • To remove graphics or signatures that do not met your forum's rules.
  • To remove links that do not meet your forum's rules
  • To remove filtered words
  • To remove content copied directly from another source.

It is not ok to replace any of that content. 

You mentioned your member on moderation often posts lengthy posts, if this is their original content (not a copy paste from a web page) it might serve you better to PM them a request to keep their posts to a more condensed version. Editing their own words could change the meaning of their post. Unless they approve of you doing so, it could lead to a ToS complaint on their part.

(CC'ing Walthowe on this in case I have erred)

CC to WaltHowe
In reply toRe: msg 38
Nucc said:

Let me get back to you on the adding of new folders.

No rush! Please take your time but don't feel like you will BREAK anything. Go ahead and give it a try :)

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Kid in reference to what you said previously " Hold them (meaning they will remain in the moderation area but with the word Hold so you know you have reviewed it already)"

I have a question concerning what you said. Previously on numerous occasions I have read and placed a post on HOLD, however when I return nothing is marked so no one knows that I have placed that post on HOLD.

I don't think I'm doing anything incorrectly but just in case could you post each step one should do in order to have the "HOLD" show up for anyone else reviewing what is being held by someone on staff in my Forum including myself.

This has happened with others on staff so I suspect there is either something we all are forgetting to do or we have some sort of technical issue or it simply doesn't work as you described to the other Delphi member asking about it. LOL no one is perfect right? But that being said~ you sure come pretty darn close! LOL

Thanks so much! Once again YOUR the BEST! Sassy