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Redirect to   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 3/15/17 by Knotpicky (RUTA); 31746 views.

I recommend using a website's Share features over copying and pasting directly. 

We are drifting from the original issue before the poor forum owner comes in lol. 


From: EdGlaze


Usually Vigilinks are not a specific link included by the source author but are product links added later, thus it doesn't matter if they don't transfer when posting in Source mode.

I've never noticed any Vigilinks originating from Delphiforums, only from other sources, usually the second-hand repostings of an article where the links were not in the original news source.

It's happening here too

At first clicking on the links in that thread (there are three) took me to the proper pages but after a second time they go to the viglink page. The embedded address is regular. I switch my view of that Classic forum to Zeta and the links lead where they should.

Lets try this too

AHA! (boy, I like saying that) The links work fine (for me, in Firefox and Chrome) with Zeta but when I change my viewing preference to Classic they do not.



From: gunter


I'll pass it on to tech, thanks.

Is this fixable? How'd I not come up with a work around? lol

I cannot find a work around. Even if I use the article embed too with Zeta, viewing it as classic still leads to the shopping site page.


From: gunter


The added links are not under our direct control, making a fix more difficult.


It seems to happen only with NYT links.

More and more links are redirecting to the viglinks shopping page.  

At least I am seeing the link to continue on. Is that all we can expect on Classic?