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Not able to log in   Administrative Issues

Started 4/29/17 by Faithdp24; 1125 views.
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Cstar1 said:

provide us with identifying information, such as name or address, or write to us from the email address on her account record, we can help her get back into her account. Have her write to and put Account Help in her subject line.

I was doing a search for a member/friend, so he can get back on the forum after not being on for a long time. Read the above answer and I see the first problem. I know for a fact he no longer has the email address on record. But I also know he could provide it in the email that would be sent. Would that work.?


From: gunter


Just have him email and we'll work it out.  Knowing the old email address may not be enough, we used to ask for real name and address if it's an older account.

It may be easier to simply open a new account with the new email address.

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Will do, Thank you.