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Just for Kid - from EpicTale   Message Editor Help Folder

Started 6/15/17 by EpicTale; 685 views.

From: EpicTale


I have no idea what’s going on now, as it seems everything keeps changing from one day to the next, in terms of where I have an editor and whether the graphics for the buttons on the editor are displaying or if I'm going to be stuck in Source Mode.

At this point, as long as I have a browser that provides some kind of an editor, I can manage.  It’s just really annoying when I have to futz around, and check which browser will work the best for the day.

I don't expect you (or anyone) to spend a lot of time on this, but I know sometimes when something doesn't make sense it's hard to resist trying to solve the puzzle.

Here's some screen shots to show how the editor is/was missing, etc.

Using Firefox

Editing a post I made, in classic (no formatting editor and seems to be stuck in Source Mode).

Same as above, but trying to create new post (assuming Source Mode) since no hints at an editor.

Still in Firefox, but in zeta and editing a post already created (not sure if it’s everything that should be in the editor, as I can’t do the following that can normally do with classic: underline, strike through, subscript, superscript, change font/size, change color of text/background and maybe some other things from the top row of the editor, such as adding a table).

Using IE

Editing a post I made, in classic the editor seems to be back, the only thing I can’t do that I used to be able to do is modify the folder (minor inconvenience).

Any other pics you'd like to see?

EpicTale said:

Any other pics you'd like to see?

Hi there! Sorry this has been so convoluted. Could you please email me those three screen shots and I can let you know if I think more are necessary. Delphi shrinks down the images Basic members embed and these are too tiny for me to see real detail. I know from your other posts it's not a bad login address and being it's across multiple servers it seems odd that it would be a bad cookie, however if you can remove the cookies frorm one of the browsers we could see if that helps.

I replied to the post you sent through Delphi so you should have my address - but I'll shoot you a new one just in case.


From: Glen (GEAATL)


Have you tried Pale Moon?  It's almost identical to Firefox as FF was a year or two back and works well on Delphi and most sites.


From: EpicTale


Thanks for the suggestion, however, I happen to be using a public computer that doesn't allow programs to be installed by users.

I emailed you and will probably do so again lol but I wanted to ask if you have received any error warnings - anything about a long running script? I'll go in with my basic ID and see if I can pick up any funky ads. The fact that this is coming and going and you seem to get parts of the editor leads me to suspect that there is something preventing the editor from fully loading. In all your screenshots the page has finished loading but the editor is only showing in some. Please go visit this forum and see if you have the editor. You can save it as a favorite on your My Forums page for future testing. It does not have any ads (product of a well timed bug). I will open an folder there so you can test post. Next time you do not get an editor can you can right click on your My Forums and choose Open in a New Tab. Then go in to my forum and see if you do there.

Please go visit this forum and see if you have the editor. You can save it as a favorite on your My Forums page for future testing. It does not have any ads (product of a well timed bug). I will open an folder there so you can test post.

Lurk (lurkmagnet)

From: Lurk (lurkmagnet)


Editing to say - this is Kidmagnet lol

Using FF and no ad/script blocking software I am having huge lag in the BBCafe forum. I'll continue to work on this as time allows lol. It's usually a script in an ad that won't fully load though.

EpicTale - I'd use which ever browser is most consistently working for you - but that might be none lol. It's hard to pin down the problem ad (but I will try) and usually we just have to wait it out. Huge pain I know.

CC to gunter

From: EpicTale


I do get the message about long running scripts, but that is usually when I'm in FF, which is not MY preferred browser for Delphi.  In IE, when I'm at, I do get a message that "This webpage might require an add-on...." and when I close that little dialogue, get the message that "Silverlight was blocked because it is out of date and needs to be updated".  However, these messages have been popping up for months now, and this formatting editor problem only started earlier this week.

Your link to "this forum" tries to take me to a page that is based on the paragraph at the end of your post, which isn't working and has nothing to do with Delphi.  I'm guessing a problem with copying/pasting and not always paying attention to what is in the clipboard when doing a Ctrl-V maybe?

Lol, sounds like me :D I'm on my phone so I can fix that post later.

Does sound like a Flashed based ad - not sure why is preventing the editor loading when it wasn't before.