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Zeta Chat Rom   Chat

Started 6/23/17 by Kakes2; 383 views.

From: Kakes2


Hi, I just entered my chat room in Seniors Hideaway.  My forum is Classic but I chat using Zeta. When I entered the room I got a message "This room is being Moderated".  I've always had my message board on moderation but never had the chat room on moderation.  I also noticed that most of the chatters names on the Who's On list were in bold print, maybe only one or two were not. Can you explain to me why I received this message and what it means.  Thank You.

Second edit: The regular chatters or new chatters who do not have voice on the message board cannot chat in the room.  This has never happened before ......... please get this fixed.  Thank you

Edited to say: One of my OPs chats with irc and each time a chatter enters the room he sees this message:

*lonesomedove1   lonseomedove1@ lonsesomedove1 has joined  *lonesomedove1 gives voice to lonesomedove1

Third edit: fixed now, another room owner came into the room and assisted me. Informed me about the cog wheel at the top of zeta chat screen. Found out one of my OPs was playing around with the options there.  Can that option be taken away from room moderators and only available for room owners and room managers?? This was really a PITA, mainly I had to grant voice to anyone who came into the room. I have the message board on moderation for a reason and had to go through my Visitor list and grant voice just to chat. Thank you

  • Edited June 23, 2017 8:57 pm  by  Kakes2
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From: gunter


Good to hear you got the answer  -

Click on the gear icon next to the room name.

Then click on Set Room Moderation

Remove check mark from 'Enable Room Moderation' and Save.

Chat Mods are meant to have this control, sorry it caused confusion ... on the other hand, this will only happen that one time once the mods are properly informed.

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From: Kakes2


Thank you for getting back to me gunter. It was a little crazy for a while, but it's nice to know how there are some room owners out there to help support each other. I truly appreciated his assistance tonight.