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Member has been hacked   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 6/27/17 by MarissaWishing; 334 views.

From: MarissaWishing


Hi All,

One of my room members, "NinjaAlexx", who is also an Op says that her account has been hacked. There was a message sent that was received by a few people including me, the room host, that she did not send. I made a screenshot, and posted it below. I have for the time being, removed all her op privileges. She says she has tried to change her password, but is unable to, getting a message that reads: "Current Password is Incorrect". She says she left a message in the Delphi Forums Member Services forum, but the message does not show up. 

Can you help? Do you have suggestions?

Thank you, 



From: gunter


I've released the message in Service this morning and replied. There doesn't look to be any helpful info in our records on the hack.

In cases like this, members can ask for a new password on the login page to be sent to the address on record in Preferences, or email for more help.