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Photobucket 3rd party hosting   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 6/30/17 by Kenny (HosemanMS); 3943 views.

From: gunter


DelphiPlus members can use their 100meg Files.  See the other discussion here:

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Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


Thank you, gunter........... But if I read in that thread correctly, if forum hosts in Delphi wish to use photos that were uploaded to Photo Bucket, we now have to pay Photo Bucket $400.00???


From: gunter


Kenny (HosemanMS) said:

if forum hosts in Delphi wish to use photos that were uploaded to Photo Bucket, we now have to pay Photo Bucket $400.00???

That seems to be the story ... not just for Delphi Forums but anytime you call up photobucket images at any site, your DelphiPlus file space has no such restriction.

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From: EdGlaze


I have Photobucket linked images [over 2.2GB] and over 10,000 images (no video) posted to Delphiforums — I haven't noticed any broken links yet.

Luckily I have the graphics stored to my computer also but it would be nearly impossible to change so many links on thousands of threads on many DF forums.
It would be just as difficult to switch to another online storage provider and use them until they decide to start charging or even closing, as Alta Vista did years ago

If Photobucket had graduated pricing depending on how much bandwidth was actually used by a subscriber then I would likely pay them a fair amount but a flat rate of $400 is too much.

So far I haven't noticed any changes to my posted images so it may just be they haven't got to my account yet. Anyway, I have quit saving and posting images to and from Photobucket.


Photobucket Just Broke Billions of Photos Across the Web

Unfortunately for Photobucket users, things are about to change in a big way as of June 26th. Now the service is rolling out a $399 per year subscription fee for those who want to hotlink images from Photobucket’s servers to display elsewhere. That means that billions of images across the Web now display an error message instead of the image in question. Terms of Use
Last revised June 28, 2017


Choose the plan that’s right for you and enjoy the premium member benefits



  •  Plus 50 offers 50GB of Storage and No Linking or 3rd Party Hosting
  •  Plus 100 offers 100GB of Storage, Unlimited Linking, and No 3rd Party Hosting
  •  Plus 500 offers 500GB of Storage, Unlimited Linking and Unlimited 3rd Party Hosting

I did find this on one of my forums in place of an image someone else posted in 2012 so the change applies to old images posted, not just the new ones:


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Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


You should not have to worry too much over old posts unless they are something special as most will never see them, only 30 days back.

Well my entire blog and two of my forums are mostly images... they may not be important to you but having some sort of time to replace the images would have been nice.

It's like how you want a better editor for your blog and trackbacks to work. It's of little concern to me but I can see how it's infringing on your usage and enjoyment.

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


Was thinking forums only. Plus members see more like we are but the new ones like visitors and Basics see little. Not sure on Enhanced or the old tier Advanced. Thanks and I appreciate the thought. I just hated when Apple lost a lot of my stuff (and dw's as well). So I definitely comisserate. Actually the whole situation surprised me as well. Fortunately my helpers from years back stored my own images in my own storage, not PB. In fact it just downright disgusts me that PB operated in such an arbitrary way. Maybe United bought them? lol


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From: NanDee


I think PB has gone way too far with the new system. I had an account there until recently, actually just before all this pricing issue.

I had photos on there as well as on Image Shack which is a premium account. For some time I've not had really had need to use either as far as posting pics on forums etc is concerned, but having recently started doing so again - I decided to check what I had on PB. What a shock I got ! Ads plastered all over the place - even in among the photos in albums and one that kept popping up and blocking some of the photos so you couldn't see them. I appreciate that sites need to place ads to help keep the site going - but the extent they have gone to is totally uncalled for and an attempt to 'force' people to upgrade. 

Well - I decided enough was enough and moved all my pics from PB to Image Shack - and just in time by the look of things - no way I would pay what PB are asking ! 

I do feel for those people who are having major problems with pics posted on forums etc that are hosted on PB and hope you all find a solution soon :)

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


Yep, hate ads and here I pay for Plus to be ad-free. Same with any apps, they move south and out. Some fb clickbait ads take you to nightmare sites where all you do is click off popups. They must be hemhorraging profits to raise stuff that high. Sounds like they may implode. Or like Yahoo get bought up again by someone new. After the last buyout, Yahoo seems to have stabilized.