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Fonts   Message Board

Started Jul-2 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 766 views.

Hi again,

I've upgraded to second level Delphi (waiting for the Aussie dollar to be better).

I find the grey a little too light.  I know I cannot change the colour scheme until I upgrade, but is there anything I can do to change the font and colour of the text at my level?



I think she means the way she views Zeta text on her forum. While composing messages the text is black but once you hit post it is a lighter shade. I know there are FF addons you can get that accomplish this but I'm not sure if you can otherwise change that in your browser(but I think that is what she is asking.)

Is that correct @Zarknorph?

Okay...I usually view all forums in Classic. I hadn't considered that in have no choice to change your Font colors while posting. I'll revise my reply.

I think it's all posts, not just her own. Once she confirms I'll see if I can find that addon.


From: Cstar1


If the host has activated it in the editor, you can change your colors and fonts when you post in Zeta. It's one of the editor's custom options.

In reply toRe: msg 6

Obviously...I'm way out of my element here. :)

Hi again.

Okay, I use the "new" Delphi, not the Classic.  I considered going back to it, but I like the new Delphi, which I assume is called Zeta.

My toolbar is limited.  I cannot change the font, colour or centre my text.

I've had a look through my host controls and cannot find anything.  I may have missed it.

Can I at least expand my toolbar?  If so, can I choose which font and colour in my preferences?



You can do as Bountyman described which is use html tags in source to change the font colour but this is actually black and yes it shows quite light when posted. You can also center your text in source. <center> before the test you want centered and </center> after, which stops it.

You can use Bold from the toolbar and it shows up nice and dark.  That would only be your own post and not all the other fonts on your forum (list of discussions, other peoples posts)

Are you using Chrome? It does show even lighter than Firefox on my system. I think you can get extensions from the Chrome Store to customize the way webpages look.

I forgot your question! lol Options for expanding the toolbar are only available to Plus host. And there's no option to make certain choice your default.

Yes, I use Chrome.

So basically I have to wait until the Aussie dollar hits 80c US.

Never thought I'd say this - but GO TRUMP!