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Replacing Photobucket Images   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 7/2/17 by Chaos Magnet (Kidmagnet); 3400 views.

Please feel free to repost this - if you are savvy to this and a helpful sort please jump in and offer support either to members in your own forums or ones that happen along at others.



As Photobucket continues to unravel the internet, members are rushing to pull their photos off their PB accounts.

That's not necessary.

I'm using this method to redo CSS, Start Pages and Signatures.

First of all, no matter whose Photobucket account it is you can view the image at Photobucket (make sure you have permission if it is not your account/image) You'll need to in order to save it to your computer to upload elsewhere. Do not save them from the forums, you will end up with a broken image.

1. Right click on the image itself where it appears on Delphi

2. Choose Copy Image Location/Address or in the case of IE click on Properties and copy the image's address from there.

3. Paste address into a new tab and hit enter. You will now be viewing only the image at Photobucket. 

4. You can now right click and save the image/picture.

5. Upload the images to a new online location. If you are Plus you have 100mg In your Files section of your Plus account (If you are a theme artist or otherwise organized person you can create folders for each forum you are working on) Extra members have 50mg.These totals include your signature storage as well.


If you are using the images in a new Delphi signature you can upload them directly from your computer to your signature editor, no need to first upload them to your Files.

Once your images are uploaded to Delphi (or another online photo hosting site) you can replace any Photobucket hosted images with the new ones. Use the new location address in source  or in the case of Start Page Images and signatures you can remove the Photobucket hosted ones and copy and paste the new ones in.

Places you can go to check your repaired themes/start pages and signatures or to request more support are:

Hosts Support (help with anything) if you are requesting help with a signature please state that. Not all of the support team is viewing as Classic and will not see your signature unless prompted.

Accidental Brilliance (Help with anything - I'll set that forum back to Classic for now as it's easier for me to provide signature assistance that way)

Premium Styles Forum (help with themes)

Go Firefox - help with RTE (greasemonkey script) based signatures

Member Services is always open to requests for help but does not have an editor nor visible signatures.

In reply toRe: msg 1
Kid (Kidmagnet) said:

First of all, no matter whose Photobucket account it is you can view the image at Photobucket (make sure you have permission if it is not your account/image)

If it is me, you have my permission. I have hosted a number of images for members over the years. My Photobucket account is in my kidmagnet name so you will see that in the image address.

Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


That was helpful Kidmagnet and thank you.......... However, when I do that process and copy and paste the links for the pics in my forum that have been uploaded to Photo Bucket, I still get this and this is on the Photo Bucket website:

I'll hop on a computer and come see. 

How many images are there? I've managed to save some including this one they've blocked.

Have you talked to mtn_rose? I've written mountain rose and we'll see what we can do to get your images back on your forum.

Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


I'm not sure as to an exact number of images, but the big ones that were on my Start page, I had to take those out, because once the image from Photo Bucket appeared, it made it very difficult to read my forum's rules........ And yes, I messaged Mountain_Rose about it a couple of days ago, but I haven't heard back from her yet.

I messaged her as well. The corner images have now been replaced with the PB warning. I'll email her too - Please don't go into your CSS editor I know it's awful having that PB crap all over but lets at least give her until the morning to see our messages (I'll email her while I'm at it too) If she cannot come into to fix it up I'm sure she'll give me the ok to do it.

Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


Ok, sounds like a plan.  Thank you, Kidmagnet!

I heard back from her this morning and she said for me to GO FOR IT! If you want to grant me temporary access to your controls (Assistant) I can replace the images in your CSS. I'd prefer they were in your Files here as mine is beginning to look like a thrift store (I'm not very organized) So I will attach them to a message in your forum with instructions on how to save and upload.

Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


Cool deal, Kidmagnet and thank you! :-)