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Still want new editor in my blog f/posts   New Features / Wish List

Started Jul-4 by Gary (GARY479); 1297 views.

What about opening a Blorum and continuing to blog there.

"What is a Blorum?" you ask.

Ah, glad someone asked... A blog is the love child of a blog and a forum. It exists RIGHT here on Delphi and if you get in one the action now you will be one of TWO (count 'em 2!) blorums and possibly the envy of thousands!

Here's my blorum but don't click yet! Let me tell you about the magnificent features a blorum has over a blog. First off you need to use it in Zeta.

Control and flexibility!

A modern editor - all my images are being uploaded to the posts directly form my computer/device.

Feature rich - including Live Stories with (or without) Twitter integration. Live Stories connected to Twitter are featured on the Delphi Home page. #awesome

Use one folder or more - either for different topics or allowing others to blog on your blorum.

Control member content - mine has both reply only and full write folders, sigs are off to keep focus on the content)

Control member access - most folders on mine are fully public but one is private with access restricted to people of my own choosing.

Direct content to certain members - because it is (in reality) a forum you have all those features at your fingertips. Blogs lacked the two way communication alerts we get with forums. So you can reply directly to a member, use CC to include a number of members and @ mentions for more.

Mobile Friendly! - dude...

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


So it is a Zeta forum? Got

But you can't do much decoration there like my pretty blog...

Gary (GARY479) said:

But you can't do much decoration there like my pretty blog...

There is that, yes. 

My blorum is a photography one- if you'd like to post pics on it I can give you your own thread and if you like it, your own folder.    

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


Ok, I would like to place some of my better pics in a spot other than

Hurray! You can use the Guest Blorum folder and if you enjoy it and want to branch out I will open a folder for you and move your threads.  

Welcome to photo blogging or phlogging <g>

In reply toRe: msg 9

Open invite to other interested parties! I offer support for newbie phloggers! 

By the way... your Blog cannot run promos. My Blorum can and through the Live Story feature I am able to promote WITH PICTURES on the Delphi Home page. (right side)

Editing to add - I found a bug (big surprise huh) and it's not one I can play with so I ended my Live Story and thus the Home Page is sans Kidography. I'll restart it once the bug has been gently removed.

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


What's the link? Have not heard phlogging, lol. There is vlogging and vogging, too, for videos. Oddly, there was no spellcheck red

Gary (GARY479) said:

What's the link?

It was also in Message #5 but I did say Don't click yet and then went into my infomercial speil  and forgot to say... ok click now.