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Strang Start Page Msg (photobuckt)   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Jul-6 by Kakes2; 248 views.

From: Kakes2


Hi , tonight I had a few chatters say when they enter Seniors Hideaway Start Page they got the following message:
You need to update your account to allow 3rd party postings. For more information go to 

It appears Photobucket is hyjacking our start pages and those that try to enter our chat rooms .... the message takes up the entire screen.

One Chats on desktop with Windows 10 , zeta chat , Firefox or Chrome with Bitefinder virus protection,
the other Chats on laptop with Windows 10, zeta chat , Firefox with Advast virus protection. Another uses Windows 10, Pale Moon, Zeta chat, Viper Anti virus and Track Off Security

Any clue on what is causing this message to appear. Can Delphi do something about not having this message appear to our members??

Thank you

  • Edited July 6, 2017 7:07 pm  by  Kakes2
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Do you have an image on your start page? Oh yes you do. It's photobucket demanding you give them $400 to host your images. 


From: Kakes2


Hi , my start page is designed by another person. I am about to leave her a message concerning it.  Not sure what she will do about it. But I'm sure Emma and her team are running into the same problem since she does the Easy Peasy stuff for a lot of designers. But I do not think it is right for PB to hyjack our start pages like that and Delphi should be able to do something about it.

Edited to say: People using Chrome browser is not having an issue with the start page

Thanks ... I will let you know when I hear from my designer

  • Edited July 6, 2017 7:30 pm  by  Kakes2
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Kakes2 said:

Hi , my start page is designed by another person. I am about to leave her a message concerning it.

Emma's aware of the issue we're kinda hoping it does not hit her account until she has a bit more free time. Once she uploads the Easy Peasy images elsewhere and their new location into the Theme Maker, those with themes can just re-run their options through it. Luckily she designed it well and those options are listed at the beginning of the style sheet. 

I'll message Bunny as well in case she needs a hand.


From: Kakes2


Thank you so much.  Bunny is at a doctor's apt today. She said she will look into things when she gets back. I'm sure any help is appreciate. I know she uses Emma's easy peasy Theme maker.  In the mean time I'm changing my Start page to one that PB has not hit yet LOL

Hope it will be a day or two until they find it.

Again , thank you.

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Make sure she knows that the content is still there, not easy to get to in all cases though. I've come across a few tips if she gets stuck.

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EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)

From: EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)


Hi Kakes! ... how are your themes doing? ... I know you regualarly use Bunny's Easy Peasy ones, which would have broken yesterday!? ... the Easy Peasy Theme Maker is now fixed, so if Bunny is around the themes should be relatively easy to update! Hope you're well! x


From: Kakes2


Hi Emma!  Good to see you back. Well all my start pages are broken, but Bunny is fixing them one at a time for me. I told her no rush cuz I know this PB mess is reaping havoc to everyone.  The current page is fixed as best she could and will remain up until she can get to the others. I know she will be happy to hear Easy Peasy is now fixed also. It will make things a lot better for her. Different things are popping up daily as PB tracks down all their accounts. It's highway robbery I tell you. Thank you so much for checking up, all is well here. blush