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Theme Disappeared   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 7/12/17 by JustJudy (snflwr8351); 465 views.
JustJudy (snflwr8351)

From: JustJudy (snflwr8351)



I installed a theme at this forum, and up until yesterday, it worked just fine. 

Yesterday, it appears that the theme reverted back to the Delphi basic theme (blue and white); however, my start page graphics are still visible. When I went into controls to check to see what the problem is, the only areas I have access to are the Style Sheet Editor and the Start Page under Forum Customization.

I can see that my style sheet coding is where it belongs, but I can't get into the Colors and Fonts area to check it. This is the message I get when I click to go there:

I am wondering if the host's Plus membership with Delphi might have expired and the theme went back to basic? She says it's active, so I'm wondering if someone can look into this and figure it out.



From: gunter


The Host does not have DelphiPlus. She can sign up again and the forum will turn Premium the following day.

Suggest checking info on record and or posting here if needed.

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JustJudy (snflwr8351)

From: JustJudy (snflwr8351)


Thank you. I will let her know... I have no way of checking for myself.

I appreciate your help, gunter.