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Adult Christian Forum   Administrative Issues

Started 7/15/17 by kathyg (KATHYG121); 887 views.
kathyg (KATHYG121)

From: kathyg (KATHYG121)


I closed my forum after 15 years.  It was Adult Christian Forum.  How is it that someone else can open a forum and call it Adult Christian Forum?  Obviously, my forum was successful and his former one was not.  Now, he has people going there and I am sure they think it is the old Adult Christian Forum.

I closed instead of giving the forum to someone else to run so crazy people would not wreck it.  So, it seems it is happening anyway.  What can you do?  

How am I still able to post in Host Forum when I closed all my forums?


From: Cstar1


Hi Kathy -

Hosts' Forum is open to everyone, not just hosts - that's why you're still able to post here.

Once you closed your forum, in essence you gave up the name. There is no Delphi rule against what he's done as long as he doesn't intentionally misrepresent the forum as being the same as yours was. I'm sorry, but there's little we can do, since he hasn't broken any rules.

First, here's an explanation to your first question - WaltHowe (Delphi Staff) stepping in...

As to your second question: "How am I still able to post in Host Forum when I closed all my forums?"

This isn't a Host only forum. This, as it says, Delphi Forums: Hosts Support and can be viewed and commented on by any and all Delphi Forums members. That you closed all your forums has no relation to you being able to comment here.

Oops...2 minutes redundant. :)

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


The forum tag would remain closed (to the original forum) but the name is different as one can choose that in setup. Similar to our username vs a moniker nickname, just ask kid...has a billion...

I think a billion might be exaggerating...


From: Glen (GEAATL)


Legally the only way to have prevented it would have been a trademark with the government on a forum name.  And I suspect there are a myriad of similar forum names online across the net so with a name like that it was never doable.  Just like there is more than one John in the world there are likely other Adult Christian forums on the web.


When Delphi had more forums there were often forums based on topic names that were very similar.   There was more than one medical forum and I recall a few other ones like that.  The distinction has always been that forum webtags are unique.  


The good news... People come or stay in forums that they like.  A copycat forum won't succeed unless it's good.


BTW nice to see you.  Have missed your contributions in my law forum.


From: Glen (GEAATL)


Don't you and shorty each run 100,000?  Just joking lol!

I'm glad to see you as well Kath, I was a bit worried when I heard the forum had closed.

Glen (GEAATL) said:

The good news... People come or stay in forums that they like. A copycat forum won't succeed unless it's good.

I have to agree here.

I think he was referring to my nicknames... too bad there was not a nick repository.