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Using and storing images at Delphi   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 7/17/17 by random gibberish (Kidmagnet); 640 views.

If you wish to share a photo or other image with your forum friends you can easily upload it straight from your computer or device into a post.

Delphi has a How To here -

On your mobile device you may see fewer choices but they behave the same way


NOTE - those images are only for use in the forum you upload them in. To share the same image in another forum you'll need to go through the same process in each additional forums. Please do not copy an image that was uploaded to Delphi this way into your Signature editor either. You image will not be viewable to all and it causes confusion.

If you use this same method with the Delphi Signature editor the image becomes stored in your Flies (image storage space associated with your account)

Delphi's How To for Signatures is here -

Choosing Insert an image or photo and then From Computer will allow you to upload your image straight into the signature.

NEXT POST: Saving images to your Files

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Saving Files

If you are going to use images in forum themes, Start Pages or to post in several forums it's best to upload them to your Files. Extra Members have 50mb and Plus 100mb.

Before you begin make sure you know where on your computer the files you want to upload to Delphi are.

Click on My Forums and then the Files link

Note that in that section you can see a folder called signature_files Delphi stores all the images you upload to your Signature editor in that folder.

You can create sub folders (but you cannot delete them, this is a VERY basic storage system) or just use the main one membername/.  Files can only be uploaded one at a time (as well as deleted one at a time)

Click on the Folder you wish to keep the images in then Browse, a window will pop up and you will navigate through your computer until you have your image. Follow the steps below


1. Click Browse

2. Click on the image you wish to upload

3 .Click on Open

4. Click Upload

The screen will refresh when your image has uploaded.

To use your images you need their web address or Image Location.

1. Go to your Files and locate the image on your list.

2. Click on the image and it will open up.

3. Look in the address bar for the location. Highlight the full address and Copy it.

4. Paste it into the necessary place. If you are using the Delphi editor you'd choose From the Web

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Questions (or corrections) welcomed!

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


I'm sure you meant 50 and 100 'mb' (megabytes) -- unless they're giving giga (billions) and I was asleep at the wheel at some

Ha ha - thanks better do that edit from a computer.