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Firefox set up for forum   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 7/22/17 by Evie (EvieH); 517 views.
Evie (EvieH)

From: Evie (EvieH)


I am not sure if this is the correct title for my Question.  I just posted you a long note in Member's forum.  Can you tell me if Delphi still has Go Firefox forum?  I lost the Grease Monkey and forget how to get it back.  Won't go into details as I did that in the other forum. 


The Light Within


From: Glen (GEAATL)


Whitemare2 also has the webgear forum which will help if you use her editor with Firefox.

Evie (EvieH)

From: Evie (EvieH)


Thanks.  I did go there.  No one ever got back to me, but I finally got it all straightened out myself.I copied the coding I got from somewhere and dragged it into my Firefox Browser and finally got the Editor.  First step was the Grease Monkey and finally after so many trials and errors I tried dragging that long coding the FF Browser, and it works.  I sure was frustrated. 

Now I need to find out what's wrong with my Google Browser. 


The Light Within

Evie (EvieH) said:

Thanks. I did go there. No one ever got back to me

Sure I got back to you - we had a conversation. lol

Glad you are all straightened out!